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Feb 19, 2012 06:21 PM

Mo Rocca's New Show

Beautiful show. Being so jaded on cooking shows, well, this one was so sweet, and very informative.

Well done Mo!

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    1. Love the concept (and he's always funny) - ironically I was wanting to figure out how to do this through Italy - sort of a cooking vacation from grandmother to grandmother to learn the old way of doing things.

      1. I'm not a big fan of his but I liked this show and I liked him. The guests were charming and seemed genuine and he was much more likeable when he was not so "scripted"

        1. As someone who literally grew up in her grandparents kitchen and bakery shop, this show hit all the right notes with me. I still own the step stool from my childhood that Bessie would bring to the stove for me. Mo did a fine job and I look forward to more stories. CHOW's video series Cooking with Grandma is my favorite video series on this site (for the same reasons) and I hope more "epi's" are in the works!

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          1. re: HillJ

            Thanks HillJ, I loved the video. I swear I could smell it through my computer.

          2. Now THAT is a great and sweet idea for a cooking show. I'm not a fan of Mo Rocca--only because his voice is more annoying than my own--but I can easily overlook that due to this show!

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            1. re: jarona

              Does sound like a nice idea, if done with a little originality (some of the acid wit that grandparents can have, and please avoid the cliched gushing over "nonna" this and that--as an Italian who had one, I beg for a media respite!). Trouble for me is Rocca himself--the mugging, the voice, the whiny tics--but it sounds like he's trying to reign these in.