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Feb 19, 2012 06:16 PM

poached shrimp how to do

i have some raw deveined shrimp in the shell and wanted to poach or steam it. Tired of boiling. I have a steamer and a fish poacher. Ideas and recipes appreciated.

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  1. "deveined shrimp in the shell"
    That means asian farm-raised. Do the best you can. Florida pink gulf shrimp is the real deal.

    1. I have never steamed shrimp so I can't help you there.

      Poaching is pretty basic, you just have to keep the water below the boil to be effective. You can use any sort of flavored base that you want for poaching.

      If you really want to try something different, I recommend poaching in oil (your could do butter but its more expensive). I usually peel the shrimp if I'm going to do this for ease of eating later. Peel, salt, put in a pot, just cover with oil (you can - within reason - pack in the shrimp and use a small pot to minimize the amount of oil you need) and heat over medium/low heat until the shrimp are cooked through. you can also add garlic/etc - they end up very moist and flavorful and not oily at all.

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        i've been butter-poaching shrimp often lately and it comes out so well!

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          Very interesting, thanks. No garlic?

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            you could add it, i suppose, but this really lets the sweet flavor of the shrimp shine.

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              Ok - i will try it pure - simplicity is often better and I often forget. Thanks.

      2. i bring water to a boil with some bay leaf and peppercorns and then turn off the heat as soon as i throw in the shrimp-in-shell. then slightly cover and peek -- with a stir -- to see when the shrimp is turning pink. when it starts, then your shrimp is very nearly cooked perfectly. now be vigilant and remove as soon as the pink is *just* throughout the shrimp. this will take only a very few minutes. cook in the shell for best flavor. that water can then be used to cook some pasta!

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          <"that water can then be used to cook some pasta!">

          Or - used as a base for seafood stock. Freeze to used later if you wish.

        2. Ever since I discovered Ina Garten's recipe for roasted shrimp, it has changed my life. No more boiling or poaching for me! It's easy to find online & I highly recommend it.

          1. I prefer just to steam them with the very end of the tali on. I save the shells in the freezer for making stock. In the bottom of a pot I put about 50 50 water and white wine, maybe two TBL of lemon juice (preferably fresh), some whole/largre crush peppercorns, and, if I'm doing it for myself, a dash of old bay. I don't like to mask the delicate flavor of shimp to the point where I can't taste that it's really shrimp.