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Feb 19, 2012 06:15 PM

A good place in Scottsdale to grab a good meal and watch March Madness

Will be in Scottsdale, for the first time, with the guys for the annual spring golf trip during the opening week of March Madness. Last year the Chowhounds led us to a great upscale sports themed place in Austin Tx. called the Cover 3. Any place like that in PHX?

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  1. Not sure where you are staying, Scottsdale is rather large in a north south way. If you are towards N. Scottsdale (near TPC Scottsdale/Fairmont) I suggest Four Peaks or Goldie's.

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    1. re: danieli10

      Danieli: Thanks so much for the recs, 4 Peaks looks great, is the Tempe location any good.? We have a round scheduled at ASU Karsten and that puts us nearby. We will playing We-Ko-Pa in Fountain Hills any recs for dinner out that way?

      1. re: Verbal

        Tempe is the original and this time of year it is awesome.... I think Scottsdale location is slightly better for the TVs set up, but everything else is great especially after Karsten course you are right there. I am so jealous of your golfing schedule...I live for WeKoPa. Fountain Hills is not great for food, so depending on where you are staying I would recommend finding your way back into Scottsdale and just killing it at a great steakhouse, sushi, or whatever you guys are in the mood for. Let me know if you need recs, the board here is pretty easy to navigate for that as well.

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          Danieli: Again thanks so much for the knowledge. We have tixs for D-Backs V Rockies on a Wednesday night at Salt River. Any special recs near the ball park. We also have a round at Gold Canyon, anything out there worth stopping off for?

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            A couple of spots in the totally opposite direction. Not too far northeast (like 1-2 minutes tops) are Hiro for killer sushi (not in the American way, but all out Japanese, order of the specials board), and Swaddee Thai for great Thai food. They are in the same general area.

            Going South down Hayden, a fun spot after the game would be Carlsbad Tavern. Really good happy hour and great New Mexican food. You cannot go wrong there and it is more of an AZ specific kind of place with lots of chiles based dishes and great tequila.

            Salt River Fields are relatively close to downtown/old town Scottsdale, too.

            1. re: danieli10

              Carlsbad Tavern is our kind of place, I know it will be a hit with the boys! Hiro looks like a must for me. Thanks so much for the recs. Next to last request, we have a couple of senior guys that are "old school". Need a good Italian or Prime Rib/Steakhouse rec. in north Scottsdale. Very last request, If it was your last round of golf in the the Valley of the Sun, where? Thanks again for all your help.

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                The Mastro's in North Scottsdale would be good, or to stick with the golf theme the Grill at the TPC has good food. Also an option for your last golf outing. Play the desert course ... And stay for dinner at the clubhouse or go up to the Princess resort for BourbonSteak

                1. re: kmarg

                  I am not a fan of the Grill at TPC, just haven't had a good meal there. Bourbon Steak is solid, but I'm still a Mastro's guy or even Ruth's Chris. For Italian, I really like Veneto Trattoria on Scottsdale near McDonald.

                  As for last course to play...that is tough. The Boulders South course is stunning and absolutely unforgettable. (North Course is great too) TPC courses are really good...but not last meal/course worthy.

    2. I would add Blue 32 for a sports bar in old town scottsdale for a good place to watch the game with solid food, they will have the sound on the games and 4 peaks won't and they do have some 4 peaks beers on draft - 4 peaks has better food but doesnt have the sound that is a big deal to me if it isnt to you stick with 4 peaks, the tv viewing @ blue 32 much better though IMO

      +1 hiro sushi (just went there for the first time a couple days ago it is great)

      +1 for carslbad tavern (get the enchantment platter)

      I like Ocean Club (owned by Mastros) for old school steak house as well - their brussel sprouts are really good there

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      1. re: Dapuma

        Four Peaks usually has the sound on, especially during the madness.

        1. re: danieli10

          We were at (Tempe) Four Peaks last night for Kiltlifters and great med-rare blue cheese bacon burgers all around but could hardly hear ourselves think over the TVs. I know better than to think this is a quiet spot since we eat at 4P regularly, but last night was more than usual. Not being a sports fan, I don't know if there was something special happening .................................

          1. re: Sherri

            I want to thank you all for the recs, Carlsbad, Hiro, 4Peaks and Mastero's are all must's.

          2. re: danieli10

            I haved asked the north one to put the sound on games and they told me no - glad to hear the original does that - will have to head down there to watch the Spartans this year

            1. re: Dapuma

              One last rec is needed. We have a couple morning rounds out near Fountain Hills. Need a solid breakfast rec. Sparty Fan ?

                1. re: johnseberg

                  +1 Over Easy. JPs on Hayden is a little hole in the wall, but really good.

              1. re: Dapuma

                I am surprised, because I have not had an issue there before during any football or basketball games, maybe they just don't like the color green Sparty! Go Blue!

                1. re: danieli10

                  So even in "the Valley of the Sun" we have Blue Chowhounds and Green Chowhound? Outstanding!