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Feb 19, 2012 05:57 PM

Istanbul restaurant recommendation for solo female travel

Hi there,

I'm flying to Kuwait for business, and purposefully chose a long layover - 8.5 hours - in Istanbul. I plan on taking the metro and the tram into the city, and I'm looking for recommendations on where I should go for dinner. I arrive at 3:50, so I think I'll get into the city around 6 p.m.

I figured I would head to Sultanahmet since I've never been to the city and would like to check out the mosque. Any recommendations for a restaurant there for dinner on a Thursday that isn't so touristy, but is still friendly to a solo American female with no local language skills?

Many thanks and cheers!

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  1. i am working on a blog now about restaurants in Sirkeci, which is close to sultanahmet in Istanbul. please feel free to check it out at

    1. Check out the places restored by the Turkish Auto Club - yes, they are "touristy" but are really comfortable and elegant. I traveled all over Turkey as a solo woman - being out at night was a problem, not unsafe, just uncomfortable because of all the gently offered suggestions mumored constantly to be one's escort for the evening. You might want to stick to hotels in the evening hours. But daytime was just wonderful.