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Jul 22, 2001 07:24 PM

San Diego: Dog-friendly, casual outdoor restaurants?

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Our dog needs a vacation, so we're thinking of taking her with us to San Diego. Does anyone know of any casual outdoor restaurants that would allow a dog to hang out with us while we eat? We don't want to leave her in the hotel room by herself.

We'll be there for a few days, so we're looking for a few suggestions.

Also, I realize this is a bit off-topic, but we would also appreciate any pointers to dog-friendly hotels ($100 range per night) and dog-friendly activities and beaches.


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  1. In Ocean Beach there is a "Dog Beach" where you can take your pooch to the ocean and let him/her have a great time all day running around, etc. I think that most of the places in OB would let dogs eat with you, kind of a laid back place.

    In Point Loma where they have fishing boats there is a place called Hudson Bay Seafoods that gives free food to the doggies and you can sit right next to the docks and hang out by the fishing boats. It is a great little casual restaurant with excellent fish and chips, grilled seafood, clams, etc. In my opinion much better than Point Loma Seafood's restaurant which is a combination fish market/restaurant.

    1. You'll be lucky to find a room in San Diego this time of year for $100 or less. You might check with Premier Inns. I don't know if they are dog friendly, but they are one of the few places halfway well located that should be under $100 a night. they have two or three locations in San Diego. I just had friends go over there who spent $90 a night for a spot on Otay near the Mexican border, and that was with some kind of discount. Good luck!

      1. See my post from below for Stratford Court:


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          Jennifer Fish Wilson

          Pick up a copy of The California Dog Lover's Companion (Foghorn Press) for dog-friendly restaurants, hotels, beaches, parks.