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Feb 19, 2012 05:26 PM

Shianos Italian Restaurant Excellent in Toms River NJ

This was our third time having dinner at Shianos Restaurant & Pizzeria & it never disappoints.
They make everything fresh and it shows in their food, fresh, delicious & friendly service, casual.
They haven't been at this location that long but they are surly making their mark in the neighborhood..
Their homemade breads, Focaccia sandwiches & garlic knots are to die for. This evening we ordered the Linguini w/ White Clam sauce & honestly this was the BEST I have had in such a long time to the point where I was almost licking the plate & soaking up the last drops of juice with the bread. My wife ordered the Fettuccine Paglia E Fino (Bacon, Peas, Mushrooms, in a Blush Cream Sauce) yummy ! Service is very friendly and very attentive...complimentary salad with a killer house vinaigrette & some garlic knots also, nice touch. All in all this little Italian Gem run but a family from Naples Italy really knows what they are doing.... Located just down the road from Community Hospital they do a thriving business & justly so.....if your in the area & want a super Italian meal at a reasonable price give Shianos a try ! And its BYOB also..

560 Lakehurst Rd. Toms River NJ

(732) 240-0110

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  1. Where exactly is this place located? Past the hospital toward Miracle Bar?

    Our usual Italian is Il Giardinello if we want to spend a lot or Capone's if we want to spend less. Now that Capone's is BYOB, we definitely want to try new places.

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    1. re: Njchicaa

      It is actually in the back of the Miracle Pub & Grill parking lot on the Lakehurst rd side.
      We like it better then Capone's. it's good food at great prices.

      1. re: Njchicaa

        You don't like BYOBs? Any idea why Capone's dropped liquor?

        1. re: sbier

          All I heard was that they sold the liquor license. Capone's and Jimmy C's are both BYOB now.