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Feb 19, 2012 05:08 PM

Give Vincent an Ear!

I recently found two wonderful sets of cassette tapes at a thrift store. Apparently Vincent Price, a Chowhound if there ever was one, recorded the series Beverly Hills Cookbook at some point. Each tape has history, recipes, cooking hints, entertaining tips and his recollections of dining experiences relating to the tapes topic.

His enthusiasm shines true and it feels like you are visiting a much adored uncle while he shares his thoughts about the meal he is preparing.

I found a blog where the tapes are available to listen to or download.

I spent a dreary, wet, cold afternoon completely captivated by Mr. Price. Give him a listen!

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  1. THANK YOU meatn3, what a find! i love vincent price, too.

    is there anyone comparable today?

    i'm listening to the one on indian food right now; i don't think i've ever heard a more evocative pronunciation of "lapsang souchong"… he's moving into greece.

    i'd like to get that cookbook of his, as well (on amazon, referenced and linked in the article).

    (PS, funny pun in your title). ;-).

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    1. re: alkapal


      The worse the pun the better I like it!

      I can't find any indication that The Beverly Hills Cookbook was issued in print - I can only find reference to it on tape and it looks as though it may have been reissued on CD.

      The "liner" of each tape does have printed recipes! I haven't had a chance to check how closely they mesh with the recorded version.

      I do enjoy his love for the blender and the electric frying pan. He referenced using the blender with water in his tip for no tears onion chopping - had never heard of that technique.

      I am so pleased with this find! Oh, the joy of the junking hunt.

        1. re: HillJ

          Good price! Amazon iirc showed it starrting around $35.

    2. Thanks for posting this, I've been a fan of his for a long time but never heard these.

      1. great subject line...

        on the topic of Vincent's Ears:

        1. Thanks for posting this, meatn3, what fun!

          1. Didn't you stumble onto a find! How enjoyable!! Thank you for sharing. I know several people who will seriously enjoy this too.