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Feb 19, 2012 04:52 PM

Impressive Chef--Nashua or Hudson NH?

I found an old gift card for this place--used to be on Spit Brook Rd, but from Google, it looks like it moved to Hudson. Is it still in existence?

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  1. Appears to have closed in 2008...

    Impressive chef jumps shark, gets eaten

    It began w/ such promise. Sushi 101 taught by uber chef Stan Frankenthaler, Le Creuset, OXO kitch gear, wine and cheese came next. Seems this Nashua gourmet emporium was just what we malled-out Nomasonh’s needed. But then ... they moved to ... Hudson. Hardly the bastion of cool shops, this was a cry for help/ As noted on this blog in Dec., the cramped space was a harbinger of bad things to come for the Impressive Chef. Now this: "Due to the very challenging economic conditions, NH Kitchen Shoppe will be closing on March 30th," the press release reads. But things are worse than that. I just dropped a dime on the shop and a woman who answered the phone said they will be shuttered in two weeks. Bad news, but silver lining: 20 percent off all goods. We're talking stonewall kitch. kitsch, scharfen berger chocolates, spices, you know the rub. If you can get to hudson, Route 3A, it would be worth the trip. Classes scheduled in march (I happen to be in for knife sharpening ) are still on! Is anyone else saddened by this? Economic drops are eating the gourmet gems in our midst.

    Posted by Gourmet Gal on February 14, 2008 11:55 AM |

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      Wow--Stan Frankenthaler. He used to have a fabulous restaurant called Salamander in Boston. Well, I guess I can throw away that gift card...thanks for the heads up.

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        I went into the Spit Brook location maybe a handful of times, when looking for some new knives. Nothing impressive about it.

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          WHS, did you know Frankenthaler's now the "corporate chef" for Dunkin Donuts (the hash browns are one of his "creations"). LOVED Salamander when they were in Cambridge but they kinda lost their rythm when they moved to Boston.