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favorite baking book to give as a bridal shower gift?

Please suggest your favorite baking book that might be enjoyed by a young bride.

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  1. sweets, savory, or all purpose? and by young, do you mean inexperienced baker?

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      has some experience - meant young in age - 25? would like any and all recs of books that people have used and loved

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        I give Bittman's How to Cook Everything to newlyweds who want to learn how to cook, and don't have many recipes in their repetoire. It's not a baking book, but it's a great general cookbook that includes a number of easy to follow recipes for breads, muffins, cakes, pies, desserts and other baked goods.

        Edit: oops, didn't realize cheesehead in recovery already recommended How to Cook Everything.

    2. The set of 7 Maida Haetter dessert books, especially 'Book of Great Desserts'. Her recipes are perfect and unscrewupable.

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      1. If not the Heatters, the Martha Stewart Baking Handbook is a good one.

        1. I personally like the king arthur flour books....they cover a range of sweet, savory, bread, etc. well-tested and you can call them toll free to ask for advice on any recipe. I also love Savory Baking by Mary Cech, but this is not a basic book.

          1. I would suggest Flour. She leaves no room for error and great recipes.

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            1. Bittmans book, how to cook everything

              1. today i uncovered a new condition of More Best Recipes from Cook's Illustrated - for very reasonable cost - any opinions? thinking of it for a gift or for a keeper on my shelf!

                1. If I were hoping to get a BAKING book (my perpetual state, come to think of it) I would be fiendishly disappointed to get the Bittman book.

                  1. Our go-to is the Fannie Farmer cookbook---all the standards and all just excellent.

                    1. I would get her the 'Tartine' cookbook. Many simple and interchangeable recipes that people will swoon over. I would also see about getting her a decent scale. If I'd had a scale from the get go, I think I could have avoided a lot of ruined recipes that, at one point, turned me off to baking.

                      1. Baking by James Peterson is really good and gorgeous to look at. He is French trained so although the book is comprehensive it does focus on many French techniques. It isn't intimidating either, he covers basics and more advanced recipes.