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Feb 19, 2012 04:04 PM

The Haversham Tavern, Westerly, RI

After several failed efforts at the site of the former Mary's, it appears that the current owners have finally gotten it right. Unable to catch a seat at the bar for a quick drink and bite last Saturday night, we tried it again this Friday and were quite pleased.
We had a light dinner in the bar area while enjoying excellent live music. Chowder, fritters and a Cobb salad were all solid with a good selection of draft beer. Prices were very reasonable. While the food wasn't "blow your socks off", it was quite good and the service, which seemed to always be lacking in previous incarnations of this location, was great. Management was completely on top of things in a very busy house.
We will certainly be returning and are delighted see this establishment finally getting it right. We'll keep our fingers crossed that they continue in their success.

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