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Feb 19, 2012 04:02 PM

Please Help Tweak My Itinerary

My husband and I are going back to New Orleans in April. We are staying in the French Quarter and will not have access to a car. We are also on somewhat of a budget. Please see my Itinerary and tell me what you think. Thanks!!

Wed Lunch Restaurant August Prix fix menu
Wed Dinner Acme Oysters- chargrilled oysters at the bar

Thursday Lunch Herbsaint or Coquette or Casamentos in Garden District
Thursday Dinner Green Goddess

Friday Late Lunch Domenica for Happy Hour pizzas
Friday Dinner Eat at Dumaine or Adolfos or ?

Saturday Lunch Mr Bs barbeque shrimp
Saturday Dinner- flying out at 7, so get Central Grocery Muffalettas or Po Boy from Johnnys to go for airport or ?

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  1. All are good choices. Thursday lunch, Herbsaint/Coquette are a big menu jump from Casamentos. Particularly with having oysters the evening before are you after a limited seafood menu vs. the bigger (and better) spread at the other two choices.

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    1. re: collardman

      Good point! I think Herbsaint or Coquette would be better choices. Any preference on which one? We've never been to either.

      1. re: dmlewis

        Herbsaint is wonderful, but Coquette is outstanding!

        If you go to Coquette, go at dinner and prepare for a meal. Their Prix Fixe at $60 with wine tastings is an incredible deal. For Herbsaint, go get the gumbo and share a couple of small.

    2. Commander's and Coquette has a lunch special.

      Coquette - $24.00 Lunch Wednesday/Saturday.
      Commander's - Monday/Friday's for $20.00 and 25 cent Martini's.

      Take the streetcar to Washington and walk to CP or Coquette. After lunch stroll Magazine and visit the neat shops there. Take the Magazine bus back to the FQ. Adolpho's or Italian Barrel would be good Friday choices for dinner. Enjoy your trip.

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        Yes, We love Commander's! We went there last visit though, so wanted to try something new this time around.

      2. Any opinions on Eat at Dumaine. I love the BYOB aspect in terms of being thrifty and we've never been there. We ate at Adolfo's on our last trip and really liked it though.

        1. Somehow, I can just not rationalize "lunch" at Restaurant August, and then "dinner" at ACME Oyster House. I would definitely do that one in reverse, but that is just me.



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          1. re: Bill Hunt

            What you're saying makes sense, Bill. But not all of us can afford dinner at August. The lunch deal is such a steal that it makes too much sense not to eat there then instead of at dinner.

            1. re: ml77

              Yes, believe me. If money was not an issue, we would most certainly be switching it up!

              1. re: dmlewis

                Actually, we do this very thing often. We love lunch at August because we can take our time and don't feel the need to meet a schedule or worry about others needing our table. We order half the menu and have wonderful wine for a fabulous afternoon. In the evening we go to some music venues and hit up Acme for chargrilled oysters and some fried shrimp. To us, it's a day of two perfect worlds.

              2. re: ml77

                Given that scenario, I am not sure that I would opt for dinner at ACME, but that is just me.


            2. We had a wonderful time in New Orleans and ate so much great food.
              The prix fix lunch at Restaurant August was the highlight for sure. It was absolutely amazing. Our entrees were the sauteed Gulf Sheepshead and jumbo Gulf shrimp stuffed mirliton which were both incredible. The fusion of flavors there is certainly impressive and the service was perfect. We loved it and can't wait to get back!
              We ended up at Coquette the next day for lunch for another prix fix menu. I had the shrimp and grits and while it was tasty, I wasn't blown away. The flavors were much simpler than the ones from August. It was good, but not great for me.
              We had the happy hour pizza and also tried several meats and cheeses at Domenica including some pork they raise themselves for the restaurant! It was fantastic. Our waiter was super too. He seemed a little standoffish at first, but ended up just having a super dry sense of humor and we had a great conversation with him about New Orleans.
              We loved the Green Goddess also. What a great location, so tucked away, to have a meal!
              Everything else was fantastic also including some of our old stand bys- the chargrilled oysters and Gator beer at Acme with our favorite shucker at the bar, roast beef po boy at Johnny's, and barbecue shrimp at Mr. B's. I can't wait to get back!