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Feb 19, 2012 03:37 PM

Stagg No Beans Chili the worst ever

Stagg Steak House No Beans Chili is the worst ever. A few chunks of "beef" lost in a sea of thin, watery sauce with a flavor that barely suggests chili.

You can't use it for chili dogs and you'd never eat a bowl of it -- so what is it good for?

The idea of "Chunky" no beans chili should never have been produced unless it is mostly meat.

The biggest laugh comes with their claim that it has "60% more beef than our chili with beans."

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  1. Yeah, something happened to Stagg's...they were never great, but I'd usually get them over Dennison's or (yecch) Hormel. But I bought a few cans of their Silverado variety lately, and they were inedible.

    Why, oh why, can someone not make good versions of chili in a can? (Actually, haven't been to Whole Paycheck for a while; they've probably got something, but priced so high that I'd just as soon go to a local eatery that makes it fresh.)

    Canned/frozen foods are just yucky these days.

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    1. re: annagranfors

      I do like Wolf Brand on chili dawgs. Never had the pleasure of sampling Stagg's.

      1. re: Perilagu Khan

        Take a can of another chunky chili, add three cans of water, and pick out the beans -- that would get you close to this Stagg stuff.

        1. re: puzzler

          Tempting, but I might just have to skip that altogether.

    2. I was raised on Dennison and occasionally Hormel, the first time I tasted Stagg I was amazed they would bother to put something so awful in a can. It's so bad that it is hard to even doctor it up enough to be even moderately offensive.

      And yes, now I usually cook my own, inauthentic as it may be.

      1. It's real hard to find canned chili that doesn't contain textured vegetable protein instead of 100% meat. I believe Stagg is one of the offenders.

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        1. re: aynrandgirl

          No TVP in it -- they managed to turn beef, tomatoes and seasonings into a mess without even getting into fake meat.

        2. Ha ha, I feed Stagg to my dogs (not all the time! sometimes just to mix it up, cuz I homecook their food and feel like sometimes the flavours get too samey and boring). They're fans. :)

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