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Feb 19, 2012 02:33 PM

Budapest not to be missed

Thought I would start this thread. After being in Vienna for 3 nites, we are taking the train to Budapest for 3 nights Tues- Thurs. Staying at the Sofitel and would love recommendations for some really good local food. Thank you !

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. We spent a far-too-brief time in Budapest but one tasty treat we've never stopped talking about was the langos on the top level of the Central Market Hall. Dough fried in lard and covered with strong garlic sauce or sour cream, red onion and cheese, it's not good for the breath but it is delish!

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        Central Market Hall is not to be missed!

        1. re: randyjl

          Ditto on that. It's one of the better markets I visited in Europe. The one thing that was somewhat distressing is that EVERY restaurant seemed to have a "traditional" Hungarian menu in addition to whatever they were serving. And that included Chinese restaurants.

          1. re: ferret

            We weren't there long enough to delve into the cuisine as much as we wanted but we did notice the high number of restaurants hawking "traditional" menus in a way that screamed "for tourists only" especially along Vaci Utca, the main pedestrian stretch that starts at the Central Market Hall and runs up to Gerbaud. It's a nice stroll but I have a feeling the vast majority of restaurants along there are to be avoided.

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              We were there for several days and, looking for a break from local foods, stopped at an Italian place on Vaci that touted wood-fired pizza. One of the best I ever had. Anywhere.

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            Just don't go near the seafood stalls in the basement. The condition of the tanks is upsetting if you care at all about animal welfare.

              1. re: kukubura

                As a general rule, if you buy fish from anyone other than a dockside fisherman I can pretty much guarantee that the condition of the tanks in which the fish are being transported is no better than what you'll see there.

          3. anyone have any experience with Borkonyha?

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              Yes, is good but noisy. The wine selection is great, but not as good as Klassz. Klassz on the other hand has occasionally, but not often, seriously flawed cooking.

            2. Onyx and Costes, both Michelin 1 stars were superb when we were there in September. I also highly recommend Bock Bistro for a more casual but delicious Hungarian meal.

              1. Searching the International board on Budapest will yield a far more comprehensive and discursive range of options, though the restaurant scene is changing in Budapest and some of the older posts are showing their age ... the restaurants and places listed here are solid, but far from chowhoundish, examples of tourist-only venues, with the exceptions of the last three mentioned: Borkonyha (a bit sterile and austere for my tastes), Klassz (no reservations and often crowded, but wonderful consistently) and Bock Bisztro (excellent, but also a bit stark); one could add LaciPecsenye! and Pesti Diszno and Csalogany 26 to that list; up and coming, check out Baldaszti's on Andrassy and the restaurants in the bottom of the new business center behind the Keleti train station (the Eiffel) ... both are striving for a mix of hip and foodie. Of the Michelin-starred restaurants, my strong preference is for Onyx if you only have time or inclination for a single one.