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Feb 19, 2012 02:06 PM

Lamb Navarin

I watched Jacques Pepin create some delicious looking Lamb Navarin yesterday on KERA. Now that I'm done drooling, I want to make some. It looks easy enough but where can I find bone-in lamb breast? Central Market? Whole Foods?

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  1. I would try one of the Indo-Pak locations or, World Food Warehouse on Floyd Circle, or 99 Ranch Market.
    Also, the larger Hispanic markets like Fiesta probably do them.

    Btw, I watched that show Saturday as well! I love Jacques Pepin's shows!

    1. I just finished watching Andrew Zimmern eat BBQ bone-in lamb's breast on the travel channel at the Mikeska's family ranch in Central Texas. Looked, great!

      1. Call Rudolph's in Deep Ellum.

        2924 Elm Street Dallas, TX 75226
        (214) 741-1874