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Feb 19, 2012 01:23 PM

AnyUpdate on Rascals?

One of my favorite close-by crab houses was Rascals. Closed for a few years, then re-opened and the last time I was there, several months ago, it was going way down. The owner showed up 2 min before opening, nothing was ready, and they told me Restaurant Impossible ruined them. Anyone have any updates on the place? Will it survive and get good again or will it be a piece of history? Thanks, Shelly Rosen

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  1. If you saw that RI, you'd never eat at a place run by them. Horrifying.

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    1. re: gfweb1

      Funny that you say that because I just went onto Hulu to see if I could find that episode and You're right......horrifying is an understatement. Oh well, any close by crab places you can recomend that aren't fancy restaurants....just down and dirty crab shacks. Thanks

      1. re: shellyrosen

        Wonder if the Health Dept ever inspected Rascals?

        The Howard House in Elkton is a crabby joint. Haven't been there in 5 years or so. Used to like it a lot when our son was in his crab demolishing stage.

        1. re: gfweb1

          I just sent them an email since their menu doesn't have crabs anywhere. We'll see what they say, but it def seems more of a real restaurant than a down & dirty crab shack. I know plenty of them down in the Baltimore, Chesapeake area, just looking for some closer. thanks . shelly

        2. re: shellyrosen

          "Never before in the history of Restaurant Impossible have I had to work in a HazMat suit."

          I believe that says it all.