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Feb 19, 2012 01:17 PM

Rox Diner in Newtonville....anyone?

We were surprised to pass by and see this new spot in Newtonville. It was hopping on Sat. afternoon. Menu looked very promising, with lots of locally sourced/organic eggs, breads, etc. They are doing breakfast and lunch now, but will be offering dinner soon, they said. We wanted to try it out, but there was a gooe 30-40 min wait and we were a bit too hungry to wait it out. Food coming out of the kitchen looked very good....anyone been?

Rox Diner
335 Walnut St, Newton, MA 02460

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  1. Very basic food. I was hoping that it was going to be really good but it was just fair. Even though they try to portray an image of locally sourced and blah blah blah it was just your basic breakfast and blt sandwich place that was not very exciting. The service was not that friendly either. We asked for dessert and they told my husband and I that they don't have it yet, Maybe when they start serving dinner.

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      currently they close at three, as a night worker i have never seen the place open

      1. re: hyde

        I drove by yesterday and the sign says they are serving dinner. I have not yet eaten there for any meal.

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          Um, moderators, I was told I was allowed to post a URL in my signature. Stop deleting my stuff. Play by your own damn rules.

          Everyone else who actually provides content and thus value on CH: This is a GREAT diner, my favorite in Boston actually. I think it's a little hard to get the concept because Rox is a modernized diner and thus the menu may seem "unadventurous" but I will vouch that this is "chow worthy".

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            I haven't been to the newton location but the original in West Roxbury is exceptionally good. It's a diner- it's pretty basic. But it's really really good.

            1. re: skordalia

              Based on one takeout lunch order, I'd say that the Newton location is also very good. The turkey sandwich is made with real roast turkey, which was a pleasant surprise, and the prices are very reasonable.

              1. re: johndory

                We really like the West Rox location - nothing fancy, but good delicious food. FYI - if you're in between both locations, the West Rox location appears to have cheaper prices...

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          HI, I'm John, an owner of Rox Diner. I'm sorry that your expectations weren't met and I'm especially disappointed about your experience with service. Even if a server isn't a seasoned veteran, everyone knows how to be friendly. That's unacceptable.

          With regards to our image: We do have many organic, local and humane selections. We also practice many sustainable business practices. We communicate these things because we think they're important, not only for their appeal to our menu, but because we hope to contribute to the exciting and necessary trend of small businesses becoming more green & sustainable.

          And we do have dessert now! Eunice from Bread & Chocolate is creating awesome desserts just for Rox Diner.

          We put a lot of thought and care into Rox Diner, we want to be great 100% of the time, and I'm sorry we let you down.

          All the best,

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          1. Went for lunch last tuesday. I really enjoyed my reuben. Place was busy but we were seated right away. Would definitely go again.

            1. You can put my vote into the "Meh" column....

              A simple breakfast, eggs, homefries, toast, coffee. Cold, raw outside.
              Ordering included specifying whether or not I wanted butter on my toast, and milk or cream with my coffee. Nice to ask, but in all my years, I've assumed that toast would arrive buttered - if I didn't want it that way, I'd mention it. And that the little pitcher next to my coffee cup would contain some dairy augmentation for the coffee.
              K, eggs were fine, toast was lightly buttered - all good.
              Homefries - deep fried? And held under a heat lamp or something? They weren't hot enough for me on this chilly morning, and deep frying them is just wrong, in my humble opinion.
              Coffee was good, but at $2.55 / cup, it'd better be.

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              1. re: okra

                Honestly, your service complaints seem a little picky - you're complaining because they ASKED you your preferences? I always get asked - anywhere - if I want my toast buttered, and as someone who can't stand cream, I would appreciate the choice of milk, instead of always having to ask for it.

                1. re: sallyt

                  I ate here last weekend at what is probably one of their busier times of the week (Sat. around 12:00pm). We were quoted a 40 minute wait but it turned out to be about 20 minutes before they called us. I thought the food was pretty good. I think the homefries need some work. With the understanding that we were there at a peak time, the service was very slow. Our waitress was pleasant enough and took our order quickly but it went downhill from there. It took 35 minutes to get our food and the waitress was nowhere to be found. Maybe that is not an eternity but it sure felt like it with two hungry toddlers in tow. We had ordered a muffin which could have easily been brought over to help tide over the kids. When the food finally came, several items had been forgotten and it took a few more minutes to complete the order. They also gave me a Pepsi when I ordered a Coke which is a pet peeve of mine. What ever happened to the "we serve pepsi, is that ok?" line? But the food was pretty good. I had an a very good omelet. I will be back but likely at an off peak hour.

                  1. re: sallyt

                    You're right Sally... But I'm from a world where diners mean a quick hot breakfast thrown at you by the guy in front of you working the flattop. I've got to get used to this kinda diner - or go elsewhere.

                2. I've had breakfast at the West Roxbury location, and thought it was quite good. Tried the Newton location for dinner a few weeks ago, and thought their burger with pesto and avocado was remarkably good. Had the mac and cheese dumplings for an appetizer, they were good but could have used more salt. Same issue with the spinach artichoke dip. The kids really liked their food, and shakes (which I envied). Small selection of draft beers, and I did consider getting french toast for dessert, but realized I would explode.

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                    I've been to the Newtonville location several times for breakfast and lunch fare, and once for dinner. I enjoy the food quite a bit - nothing fancy, but pretty consistently well prepared and well priced. It's not a "classic" diner but more in the style of a casual sit down restaurant. Things can be slow at times but I've almost always found the staff to be friendly and accommodating. My favorites there are the salads, pancakes, omelets, and club sandwiches. IMHO a great addition to the neighborhood.