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Feb 19, 2012 12:49 PM

Best near St. James

We're planning to take my parents (who are getting on in years) out for a special meal. They live in St James, so I'd like something within reasonable driving distance. One of the party is a vegetarian, so steak houses, sea food or the like isn't ideal

What would you recommend?

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  1. Without a question I'd chose Kitchen A Bistro if you can get a reservation.

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    1. re: jnab121

      I'd considered suggesting them also, but their vegetarian-friendly items are sorely lacking, especially if seafood is off limits.

      1. re: Scott_R

        Agreed - the menu doesn't really work.

        Any view on these:
        - Kitchen A Trattoria
        - Ragazzi
        - Mauricio's Orlando II
        - Mosaic (menu doesn't work, but web site says options for dietary restrictions always available)

        They used to like Mirabelle, but don't like it in the new location

        1. re: RichardNYC

          Just a note on Feelgoods Cafe:

          very good food and certainly vegetarian-friendly; it falls short, however on the "special meal" side of things in that it's a counter service sort of place.

        2. re: Scott_R

          I am pretty certain that a call ahead might find them willing to accommodate a vegetarian. There's usually some sort of pasta/grain/bean thing going on there that they could adjust or use the components of. It'd be my pick, too.

        3. re: jnab121

          And don't forget Mirabelle, just up the road in Stony Brook.

          1. re: dixdiner

            I'd second Mirabelles. Took my Mom there and she was raving for weeks. But if they don't like the location, at least you have some nice options.

        4. Zar Cafe is excellent and has many non meat choices. Middle Eastern with an intimate vibe and great service.