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Jul 11, 2001 11:45 AM

San Diego Gaslamp District Dining

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I'm going to be in San Diego for one night only and am staying at the Hilton in the Gaslamp district. Don't know much about the area (or the hotel!), and am looking for dining suggestions. Would prefer places that are within walking distance--but I can take a taxi if there's someplace really worthwhile. I'm a woman who will be dining alone, so I want to make sure I'm comfortable. I'm particularly interested in Seafood, Mexican, eclectic...etc. Some suggestions I've received already are Chives and Candelas--anyone know anything about either?

All suggestions are welcome!! Any thoughts on the hotel and/or things to see or do for my brief visit are also welcomed.


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  1. Go to Blue Point Coastal Cuisine. Many say it is the best seafood in the Gaslamp. The link is below.

    Link: http://www.cohnrestaurants.com/bp.html

    1. Blue Point is fantastic! Being alone, I would try to make a reservation for an outside table and watch all the people pass by.

      See the Posts on Candelas for Mexican food. It is the kind of Mexican that you do not find in many parts of the country. Authentic in a way that most Americans have never experienced.