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Feb 19, 2012 10:32 AM

Indian in Columbia MD

Mango Grove has reopened!

Tuesday was their first day back, we ate their last night. They haven't quite grown into their new space yet but in the seating area the atmosphere is great. They don't have their liquor license or their full menu online yet, but the limited menu had all I needed. We did samosas, nan, palak paneer and a dal makhni, all were great.

I was really impressed that just four days after their re-opening they had an almost full dining room - it's a testament to them that their fan base survived after being closed for so many months.

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  1. We liked the food at the original location pretty well.
    The service made this place a once a month or every other destination. There never seemed to be anyone paying attention to the guests, and the woman who runs the place seemed to act as though every little thing that went on needed her to be involved to a lesser or (more frequently) greater degree. Over an hour for a simple dish to be served & billed is pretty ridiculious.
    We will return at some point as they certainly do serve up some great flavors.
    I'm hopeful the new local brings in a slightly better level of staffing.