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Feb 19, 2012 10:11 AM

What do you do with Spam?

I consider myself fairly creative, but Id love hear what CHers do with that spice ham product in a can.

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  1. When I was a poor college student, I wasn't above slicing it, frying it, and eating it with sauerkraut.

    1. I stopped eating it about 30 years ago, but I used to frying slices until very crisp and eat with mustard. Also, as a kid, we used to make Spam and American cheese sandwiches which we toasted in the waffle iron--very salty.

      1. What I do with Spam is leave it on the shelf in the supermarket

        Here's a link to the Spam Cook of the Year competition with some recipe ideas.

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        1. re: Harters

          Yes yes but that isn't a CREATIVE use of the product.

 You know what REALLY strikes me about this article? And the link that you shared as well? That the cookbook in question is BRITISH. The Brits may be said to be renowned for many things, without a doubt.

          Regrettably, cooking and cuisine are NOT among them. As far as I'm concerned the mere FACT that the definitive spam cookbook is of this origin is reason enough to run for the hills. Most Brits, if they were honest, would probably acknowledge my personal theory that all that sea-bound exploration, imperialism, and colonization started out from a simple need to "find a good meal".

          A creative use for spam? How about lurking in the supermarket "near the spam" .... waiting until someone with feeble judgement comes by and is reaching for it and then LEAPING out to save the day (and their arteries) and stopping them in the nick of time. Is that creative enough? :-)

          1. re: jkling17

            Nope, I wouldnt agree with you at all about our cuisine.

            1. re: Harters

              Oh that's ok ... I don't expect all the Brits to agree. I was making a joke, you know :-) And there must be a good reason that the grand tradition of eating out in the UK is hitting the pubs and then getting a curry. It's all good! I DO have to say that a pint of proper bitter is ... as close to liquid heaven as I have ever experienced. It's a crying shame that there isn't a single pub here that serves it.

              We American's invited the horrible spam stuff anyway. It's not the Brit's fault ...

              1. re: jkling17

                Hitting the pubs and then getting a curry is sooooo1980s. Sub-continent food has taken dramatic leaps forward, as has other aspects of British food, since then - upmarket regional Indian/Pakistani/Bangladeshi food is the "in thing".

                I'm surprised that you thought that the link I gave wasnt creative use of Spam. Of course, the whole point of the competition is the creative use of Spam. I see that you were thinking that "creative use" should mean something other than a dish you can eat - maybe using it to plug a leaking pipe or some such?

                1. re: Harters

                  Hahah. Well my friend who showed me around London is perhaps a wee bit older than you .... old habits die hard you see? We liked the 80s and still like a good curry. The best curry of course is here in Bristol, PA (US) - about 20 miles North of Philadelphia. We're just lucky that way.

                  And yes - I think a truly creative use for spam might perhaps best be something that doesn't involve ingesting it. :-)

          2. re: Harters

            You beat me to it! Before I even started reading the comments, that's exactly what I was gonna write. A can of Spam on the shelf brings thoughts of terror.

            1. re: ricepad


              Never considered buying Spam until a trip to Hawaii introduced me to this delightful snack. Now my husband and I love having Spam on hand to make this when we get a craving.

              1. re: ricepad

                You beat me to it. Hawaii also has its own Spam Cookbook and annual Spam cooking competitions. I used to get 2 Spam Musubi from our psychiatric patients once a week when they made and sold them for fundraisers (they had staff supervision). They were great if I couldn't get away from my desk for lunch that day!

                1. re: KailuaGirl

                  When my parents started spending winters in Hawaii they discovered the two great contributions of WW2 to the Islands were quonset huts and Spam. A dear friend of mine who was from Hawaii and Japanese/American used to make Spam sushi. My ex-MIL used to bring me cans of Spam on the train from IL to CA when they'd visit. That Spam went with the ex-husband!!

                2. re: ricepad

                  +2. My mom grew up in Hawaii and we used to have it pan fried with fried eggs, kimchi and japanese rice for Sunday Brunch. That's the only way I eat it, but it is delicious that way.

                3. Give it to the food pantry. :P I buy a few cans every year for the emergency supply, but DH refuses to eat it, so out it goes before it expires!

                  When I was a kid, mama used to buy spam and chop it into cubes to put on pizza and in fried rice. We also had spam and pineapple... that was before good ham was readily available in our area, and canned ham was pretty much all there was.