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Feb 19, 2012 09:06 AM

Claypot Rice Specialist: One Spot Soup House

Ok, this restaurant did not have an English name anywhere on its signage or menus that I could find. Looking into business registration records they have translated it as "The One Spot Soup House." Although you won't find that name if you are looking for it!

The menu is also primarily in Chinese with a little bit of English on a few pages.

I ordered the "Tender chicken with red dates and dried wolfberries" version of the claypot rice. They had about 15 different options with a wide range of toppings including eel, dried duck, pork jowl, salted fish, chinese sausage, oysters, dried mushrooms, wood fungus, etc.

The friendly server brought a complimentary soup to help tide things over during the 20 minute preparation time (which they thoughtfully warn you about on the menu). The soup was clear with intense rich flavours. Delicious!

There was also a small side of lightly pickled daikon and carrots which were refreshing.

The claypot was brought on a wicker pot holder, and was uncovered at the table to keep the heat until the very last minute. What a beautiful bounty inside. The chicken was amazingly tender and well seasoned. The wolfberries and dates added a pleasant sweetness. There was also some Chinese sausage thinly sliced which rounded out the flavours beautifully. Some yu choy was perfectly steamed on top, and there were random slices of ginger throughout the rice. Since the claypot was nice and hot the rice developed into a crispy crust all around the edges. This was truly a wonderfully comforting dish overall.

I'll definitely be back to sample some of their other claypots!

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  1. YVRChow...where have you been?!

    Great finds. Nice to see some unknown HITW's being reported.

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      I think miss foodie checked this place out on one of her trips. Is it on Victoria? Ah yes, here it is: http://missfoodiesgourmetadventures.w... She liked James Snack better but gave this place props.

      1. re: grayelf

        Their "Chinese" name is "" [LOL]

        I've been once. Very humble H-I-T-W. Had Chinese sausage & chicken on rice. Pretty good, but took 20 mins wait. The burnt crispy rice at bottom was nice (a sign they didn't shortcut).

        A few blog reviews:

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          Oooh....Nice tip, Grayelf. I've got to check out James Snack!

          1. re: YVRChow

            Definitely try James Snack. I popped in to The One Spot Soup House (or whatever) and I thought that the hotpot I had (chicken, shiitake, lop cheong - my usual benchmark) was very good - especially the toasty bottom crust. I do think that James Snacks' hotpots are more aromatic and flavorful in comparison. Still, it is good to know that I can find a good hotpot close to home. I have driven by this place many times but I was never intrigued enough to go in. I'm glad I did.

            1. re: YVRChow

              Another tip: call ahead at James Snack and pre-order to avoid the half-hour wait. It's called sand pot rice and there are 10 options:

              1. Preserved sausage 6.75

              2. Minced meat with dried squid 6.75

              3. Diced chicken with dried octopus 6.75

              4. Beef with preserved vegetable 6.75

              5. Minced meat with salted mustard 6.75

              6. Spare rib with black bean sauce 6.75

              7. Free range chicken with mushroom 6.75

              8. Frog with ginger sauce 7.75

              9. Ostrich with bbq sauce 10.50

              10. [only in Chinese characters but it's a boneless version of 7, I'm told] 7.75

              1. re: grayelf

                Did ya list that from memory ? ;-)

                Found a pic of the clay pot choices too:


                1. re: LotusRapper

                  Yep, from memory... not. Just a newer photo, that lists the current prices and the secret #10 dish!

                  1. re: grayelf

                    Found the #10:


                    I read: "preserved egg with minced beef", but I may have the "preserved" part wrong, not sure if it's the right character. If not preserved, the word may be "nested", which means a fried egg nested in the middle of a saucy minced beef mix (since serving raw egg yolks is no longer allowed)

                2. re: grayelf

                  LR is right about dish #10. The boneless chicken version is actually not #10 on the main sign. It's on a yellow paper sign (the picture that LR linked to from urbanspoon taken by chowtimes shows a partial view of the boneless chicken sign on the bottom right hand corner). You can actually see the word "boneless" in the picture.

                  1. re: miss.foodie

                    Woot for the clarifications, guys! I might have ended up very surprised on my next visit as I am planning on getting the boneless chicken to compare it to the regular chicken :-).

                      1. re: grayelf

                        Actually all things being equal, I would prefer bone-in chicken. More flavour :-)

                3. re: grayelf

                  Thank you for the tip about James Snack, Grayelf. I finally got around to trying them, and I do agree they put out a better product than One Spot.

                  I ordered the ostrich sandpot (#9) and was told it would take 15 minutes (not 30 as reported elsewhere). They had it ready exactly 15 minutes later and it was presented on a plastic foodcourt tray that was lined with thick cardboard to avoid the pot melting the tray.

                  Opening the claypot revealed a very generous amount of toppings. The ostrich meat was cooked perfectly - nice and tender while being very well seasoned with a little bit of heat which was a nice surprise! The mushrooms were also plentiful and had the perfect consistency while retaining a strong shiitake flavour. The greens were also tender and steamed perfectly. They served a side of higher quality thick soy sauce, but I found I didn't need it as everything was already well seasoned. A very nice set of toppings. The rice was steamed perfectly and had developed a nice crust on the bottom. They also served a nice strong complimentary tea of decent quality.

                  The only thing I wish they would change is that they served it with one of those cheapo plastic spoons that made it a real chore to separate the crispy rice from the claypot.

                  1. re: YVRChow

                    Mmmm, that looks really good, YVRChow. And that crust ......

                    I keep these in my car glovebox for those foodcourt adventures:


                    But maybe this would come in handy too for crusty claypot rice :-



                    1. re: YVRChow

                      Glad it worked out. I've never fully tested the half hour theory as it's been someone else doing the ordering but I did know about the horrible spoons and shoulda warned ya, my bad. I always travel with food weapons in my purse for such eventualities but we don't all have that luxury. There is a cute set by Made by Humans that separates into a knife and fork that you could chuck into your car's glovebox:

                      1. re: grayelf

                        Another good tip! I guess to be a serious Chowhound you really need to have your own set!

                        1. re: YVRChow

                          For anyone wanting to try out James Snack, be warned they are closed until March 29/12 for a holiday.