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Dry focaccia - can this gift be saved?

A good friend gave me the well-meaning gift of home-made rosemary scented foccaccia - a whole sheet pan worth. Thing is, it's really dry. I don't want to just give it to the squirrels in my yard - does anyone have a suggestion for something like a savory pudding or something else to give this new life?

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  1. i was going to say bread pudding. you could also you use it for stuffing mix. break it up and freeze it if need be.

    1. I like this bread pudding recipe -- obviously you can change flavors and keep the ingredient ratios. I usually do sauteed mushrooms, spinach, and prosciutto. I use chunks of bread and just mix things up and pour the wet ingredients over, rather than the "tuck ingredients between bread slices" technique in the recipe.


      1. Make a thick crust pizza with it.

        1. Make breadcrumbs out of it. Use to top spaghetti, roasted vegetables, mac and cheese. Or use as a coating for chicken cutlets.

          1. Savory french toast... soak it in a custard with eggs, milk/cream and herbs. Saute, optionally top with cheese after flipped once, and serve with sauce of choice.

            Bread it up, soak it in a little egg and use to bind meatloaf or meatballs.

            1. Panzanella


              French toast

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                Thank you for the excellent suggestions!

              2. Make a great rustic soup known as Pane Cotto if the weather there is cold. You could also soak your gifted focaccia with cold running water and then proceed with toppings as you would with bruschetta. We Italians waste nothing ... and we will also fight with your squirrels for the last crumb if we had to.

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                  Cheese Boy, thank you for the Pane Cotto suggestion, and for the mental image of hungry Italians doing battle with the yard squirrels for goodies.

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                    You ought to see us battle flying squirrels. Now there's a challenge.