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source for backyard chicken eggs on the Peninsula?

jeff3545 Feb 19, 2012 08:29 AM

I live in the Redwood City area and lost my source of backyard chicken eggs. Can you recommend a regular source of eggs, 1-2 dozen per week?

I am not stuck on the notion of "backyard" in this context, really what I want are eggs that feature rich orange colored yolks. If they come from a local commercial producer and are offered through a local retail outlet I really don't care that much.

Thank you in advance.

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  1. Robert Lauriston RE: jeff3545 Feb 19, 2012 09:18 AM

    Marin Sun Farms has two or three retail outlets on the Peninsula. http://www.marinsunfarms.com/places-t...

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    1. re: Robert Lauriston
      jeff3545 RE: Robert Lauriston Feb 19, 2012 10:35 AM

      Hi Robert,
      Interesting, I shop at Sigona's every week and have not seen eggs promoted (I buy Marin Sun beef there quite often), but I also usually reach for one brand of eggs there so it could be that I have overlooked them.

      On another note, I saw from Marin Sun's website that they have Rhode Island and Americauna hens, I've had Americaunas before (when we had chickens) and I have to say I'm not much of a fan of that breed for eggs.

      Thanks, I'll check in next time I am at Sigona's.

      1. re: jeff3545
        emily RE: jeff3545 Feb 19, 2012 07:03 PM

        I've never seen Marin Sun Farms at Sigona's, but they do offer pastured eggs. In the winter, when the hens aren't laying as much, they are hard to come by. I believe the cost is about $3 for 6 eggs.

        Whole Foods (Palo Alto) also has pastured eggs now. I believe they're from out of state, but they do have the orange yolks. Around $4 for 6 eggs.

        I bought backyard eggs from a woman on Waverley in Palo Alto a few times (she puts a sign out front), but they were hard to get and the chickens developed some sort of problem and the last I heard they weren't selling anymore.

        1. re: emily
          jeff3545 RE: emily Feb 19, 2012 08:39 PM

          Palo Alto would be great. Incidentally, my regular source for eggs developed a problem with her hens, losting a couple and getting mites in the rest. I guess chickens are a lot more complicated than we realize!

          1. re: jeff3545
            wolfe RE: jeff3545 Feb 20, 2012 01:49 AM

            You think?

        2. re: jeff3545
          drewskiSF RE: jeff3545 Feb 20, 2012 09:04 AM

          Eggs are a much smaller distribution. There's a separate section in Robert's link

          Retail Stores – Eggs:

          Marin Sun Farms Butcher Shop, Point Reyes Station
          Marin Sun Farms Butcher Shop at Rockridge Market Hall, Oakland
          Farmers Markets (Below) -- None on the Peninsula
          Rainbow Grocery, San Francisco
          Good Earth Natural Foods, Fairfax http://www.goodearthnaturalfoods.net

          1. re: drewskiSF
            jeff3545 RE: drewskiSF Feb 21, 2012 09:55 PM

            making the trek up to Point Reyes Station could be something I could talk myself into if picking up a few dozen oysters was part of the bargain :)

      2. y
        YSZ RE: jeff3545 Feb 20, 2012 10:44 PM

        Glaum eggs are great. Very local and sold at Whole Foods. They are humane certified and from the newspaper articles I've read treat their chickens really well. I like the jumbo, non-organic personally.


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        1. re: YSZ
          jeff3545 RE: YSZ Feb 21, 2012 09:57 PM

          Thanks, I'm not a fan of Whole Foods but I see they are also sold through Bianchini's in San Carlos. I'll check 'em out, thanks again.

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