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BRYANT PARK Turkish stand....MMm Enfes

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Having been struck by a sudden craving, I would like to try the gozleme at this well-regarded food stand, which I believe is at Bryant Park through the end of February.

Does anyone know if the food stands in the park,and in particular this one, are open on Sundays?

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  1. Well, this place now has a brick and mortar address at 39th/6th (about a block south of the SW corner of Bryant Park), next to that travesty called "Sushi & Deli Box".

    Anyhow, stopped in, and may have discovered my new favorite place for simits in Manhattan. These are light, chewy, nutty, with just the right hint of sweetness as you work through the dough in about your 4th chew (give or take a chew here and there).

    I think I still prefer Simit + Smith (UWS) if I want a PB&J Simit, but if I just want a basic simit I think this is the place for me.

    Mmm Enfes

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      Ipsedixit: Many thanks for the new info; once I make my way back to Manhattan, will add this address to the rotation....

      Enjoy many of your posts!

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        I walk by this place all the time! A while back i stopped in for a turkish coffee and baklava (both excellent!) but now i'll be sure to stop in for lunch too.....

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          NICE! Thanks for this, I love Turkish food and work nearby (and haven't eaten a simit since I was in Turkey 5 years ago!) Will give this one a try and report back...

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            I tried the simit w/ cheese + tomato sandwich and the potato gul borek. I really liked the simit sandwich. They put it in a panini press for a bit, and the simit is soft but still chewy and the cheese gets a bit melted.

            The potato gul borek was alright; next time I'll try one of the gozleme. Would definitely come back here to buy lunch.