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Feb 19, 2012 05:12 AM

looking for a great resturant near xl center hartford ct

i go to a lot of whale games and i am looking for a place to go and eat bar food

any suggestions

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  1. Although I haven't been to all of these, my recommendations are based on good sources. Also, I'm NOT sure what your definition of bar food is:
    Trumbull Kitchen
    City Steam Brewery
    McKinnons Irish pub
    Max Downtown
    Agave Grill
    Vito's by the Park

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      Agree with nj's picks and woul add Salute, Feng and Black Eyed Sally's.

        1. re: wildcat2012

          Haven't been there in quite a while but assume it's still typical bar food. My choices and those of NJ are an attempt to get you better quality food offerings. I would also add Dish.

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        I would take City Steam off of the list. the food is mediocre at best (good beer though) and the service is consistently AWFUL, at least if you are getting table service. The awful service generally means your food will arrive at your table lukewarm. After going here for lunch and having the same results 3 times, we have declared City Steam "dead to us" at my office.

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          I would add Vaughan's Public House.


          Good irish pub

          Vaughan's Public House
          59 Pratt St, Hartford, CT 06103

        2. Reviving this old thread, because I'm going to the paper show tomorrow. Looking for great pizza. Also, cheap lobster.

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            Aladdin, just steps from the XL Center has pretty good pizza. http://www.aladdinhalal.com/www.aladd... If you want to drive, http://www.firstandlasttavern.com/har... is Hartford best pizza. For Lobster head for http://www.restaurant.com/js-crabshac...