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Feb 19, 2012 04:58 AM

Clyde's Tower Oaks Lodge (Rockville) - Review

We had brunch on Sunday, and have had weekend brunch here on several earlier occasions. Unfortunately, it seems that the food has slipped some. However, the dozen oysters on the half shell sampler was wonderful and the service was very good. We asked for the manager's wine bottle special. It was not available so the waiter substituted the house label chardonnay, and it was very good (and provably a good value off the wine list).

The particulars. I had the cassoulet (listed as an appetizer) and it was truly a disappointment, really no more than beans in a sauce mixed with some duck and sausage. My companion had the buffalo fried oyster salad. Essentially fried oysters on a nice bed of salad greens, but the buffalo sauce ruined the dish as it was thick, and overwhelmed both the oysters and the salad greens. My daughter had the shrimp and grits and they were very good. And the high point was when the waiter was able to have the kitchen accommodate my granddaughter's request for a child portion waffle.

Will we go back? Probably, as it is one of the nicer restaurants nearby, but not for a while and with reduced expectations.

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  1. That's a shame, particularly since we are going tonight. For us, it is in lieu of the Bethesda Clyde's, which always seems to disappoint.

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      Clyde's food has been going down hill for may years the food quality has not been good for at least a decade in most locations

    2. I've only been once and was sorely disappointed. My fish was dessicated, and when I sent it back it was almost uncooked. I'm fine with rare fish, but this one had a crust of some type on it and by not cooking it, the crust was raw too. The service was brusque and the server did not speak English well. I have not returned and don't intend to. If I want a nice meal in MD, I will go to Bethesda.

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        Funny, but I've never had a satisfactory experience at the Bethesda location, but Tower Oaks has always been reliable. Nor was I disappointed tonight. Very pleasant experience over all.

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          I'm with you. Bethesda is a pain in the tush starting with the inavailability of parking to the waits for a table to the mediocre service and food. Tower Oaks has been our go to place for a long time and will continue to be so.

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            I think you are referring to the chevy chase Clydes in bethesda

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                  Skipper, might want to check your facts by google Clydes and you will confirm that the Wisconsin ave location is in chevy chase, the tower oaks location is in Rockville and I am 100% correct that there is no Bethesda location. Don't doubt Doc!

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                      Actually Doc, it was "pgreen" who suggested that there might be a Clyde's in Bethesda not I. In fact, I wasn't referring to a Clyde's in "Bethesda" because I know there isn't one there and, Doc, the Clyde's in Friendship Heights has ample parking (at least in the evening." My comment was to Bethesda in general which I tend to avoid as much as possible because the restaurants are at best no better than others in the County, it is difficult to park, and the service in most restaurants sucks.

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                        I actually again disagree with you skipper. Blacks, Persimmon, Freddies lobster shack, RioGrande Cafe, Jaleo, Mussel Bar, Green Papaya, Tako Grill, Counacopia, Taylor Gourmet, South street Steaks, Ruths Chris, Panang, Mia's Pizza, Raku, Bistro Provence, Grapeseed, Asssaggi Mozzarella bar are 18 restaurants that are worthwhile. There is street parking as well as plenty of lots available. Sometimes I have to circle or hover to find a place but it never is too much of a hassle. the crowds of people frequenting Bethesda's restaurants only further supports my opinion.

          2. The Clyde's at Tower Oaks is a stunningly beautiful setting. The service is extremely practiced. And the prices are exceptionally fair, and even cheap if you abide by their generous 1/2 off hours (Raw bar items and some wines I think. Hours are like 4 - 7pm weekdays, and like 11am -2pm weekends, and then again late at night, like 10pm to 1am. Check website.)

            The food, on the other hand, is mostly awful. The key to an enjoyable eating experience is to remember that this is a bar, and limit your selection to bar items. The beer on tap is not a broad offering, but it is always fresh. The wines are adequate and reasonably cheap. The oysters and clams, raw on the half shell, are impecably clean and tasty. The chili is a bit sweet, but rich and comforting. The cream of crab soup is a bit thick, but does have lots of crab. And the chicken wings are meaty and crisp. And, if you are stuck, you can eat the cheeseburger no problem and the eggs benedict won't kill you.

            Take this formula to any Clydes restaurant, be there during the 1/2 price raw bar hours, rejoice it the kitchy, but likable environment, and you will leave very, very satisfied.