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Feb 18, 2012 10:39 PM

Do mini bottles of wine exist?


I remember that they used to have mini bottles of wine (187mL size) available when I was younger, but maybe they were only available in Israel at the time. Anyone see them around?

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  1. I don't know which varieties are available, but this size bottle definitely exists.

    1. I think you mean 375 mL bottles. I have never seen 187 mL bottles out there for non-sweet wines. They do sell 187 mL bottles for sweet dessert wines, but they are rare.


      1. Purim is coming. The kosher wine stores usually stock up on them at that time. Can't remember if I've been seeing them lately.

        1. I have a 187 ml bottle that someone gave me in a mishloach manot, so they do exist. It's a dry french red too, so it's not limited to sweet wine.

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            Which brand was it? I am in Chicago so what's available out east may not be available here- but I'm still curious what's out there.

            1. re: Pluckyduk8

              Personally, I think you should start with a local kosher wine store and ask them. You must have one or two in Chicago. I can't imagine that in a large Jewish community like yours, that your wine stores wouldn't carry what ours do.

              1. re: cappucino

                We have a good selection at Hungarian Kosher which truthfully I haven't looked for the minis there yet. I was just wondering what was out there.

                1. re: cappucino

                  Please be aware that which liqours are sold in which states is a decision made by the state's liquor authority. The individual retailer cannot order any item he wants, if it is not on the approved list of the state authority. Wholesalers in any state may only stock the approved items, and retailers have to order from those in state wholesalers (in some states directly from the winery or distiller). This insures that untaxed (by the state, not feds) alcohol doesn't make its way to the consumer.
                  Some states allow consumers to order wine from out of state and have it shipped in, some such as CT (where I live) do not. In many states such as CT if you bring in alcohol above a certain amount from another state you must report and pay the state tax. (Here it's one gallon).
                  For years CT and MA have had unmarked police vehicles at the southernmost New Hampshire and Vermont state liqour stores looking for license plate numbers of CT or MA residents stocking up on cheap liquor and bringing it home. The taxman will arrive with a surprise later.
                  When I was in the kosher catering business years ago, customers would say we went to a wedding in NY and they served XXX, we loved it, can you get it. If it wasn't on the CT list we couldn't get it or serve it. Customers would often say that they'd pay corkage/bartender fees and provide the liqour, but it put our license at risk.

                  So, to answer your final comment that you couldn't imagine in a large Jewish community wine stores wouldn't carry what is available in NY is untrue. The store might love to carry it and could sell it, but it is just plain unavailable to the store.

                  1. re: bagelman01

                    Very interesting, bagelman. I didn't know all that.

                2. re: Pluckyduk8

                  Sitting in front of me I have 187m l bottles of a Herzog Chardonnay (2007), clearly from a mishloach manor package, because it still has a piece of ribbon I never cut off, as well as an Alfasi Cabernet Sauvignon (2009) that I may have gotten on a flight once, where didn't drink it. I have seen some small bottles of Kedem stuff in the past, as well, usually sweet stuff like concord grape and Tokay.

                  1. re: Pluckyduk8

                    It's a Herzog Cabernet Sauvignon.

                3. Yes, they're certainly available at the kosher wine shops in Brooklyn. I use them mostly on chol hamoed,