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Feb 18, 2012 09:09 PM

King Street Restaurant/Bar - Chappaqua

I just passed by and noticed the restaurant that has replaced Grappolo Locando is now open. Anyone been?

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  1. What's up with Chappaqua? Restaurants turn over like crazy. I thought this was an an affluent foodie town?

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    1. re: winston1

      There is a high turnover because many restauranteurs think they can serve mediocre food at outrageous prices given the affluence. This crowd doesnt mind paying the "chappaqua tax" if the quality and service are there.

    2. I was thinking about checking it out today - I'll let you know how it goes.

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      1. re: chappaqualocal

        Checked it out - the layout has been updated from Grappolo. Much lighter, but still "rich". Food was reasonably priced, but not "bar fare", though they did have some bar-type foods. Upscale chicken wings, flat iron steak sandwich, kobi beef hamburger. They also had some very nice American fare with a nice twist.

        Though their menu is fairly limited, I would definitely return.

      2. Is this the place from the owner if Deer Park Tavern?

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        1. re: wincountrygirl

          Yes, same owner. I have not been yet but have a friend that went and had a great meal, and good service...they wanted to go back with us this week..not bad for the first week. The website is up and the menu looks interesting . I called for a reservation and right now they are only taking for 6 or more people. They plan on opening for lunch starting next week.

          1. re: apples

            Thank you! Yes, that is actually very similar to the Deer Park Tavern menu. But, the best thing about Deer Park for us was it's proximity. We will definitely give it a try though!!

            1. re: wincountrygirl

              I went on Friday night w/ husband and 5 year old daughter. For only being open a few days I thought they did a fabulous job. The wait staff was very nice and really tried - you could tell they were still learning the menu themselves - but they could not have been nicer. Found menu to be that tricky situation between bar food and nicer fare.... Husband got a burger - he thought it was ok - said he would prefer Le Jardin across the street. I got Arctic Char - also decent - but might prefer to go to kittle house for nice piece of fish considering I think it was $24 or so.... Will go back and try it again as we did indeed like it.

              1. re: beth1234

                That is actually what we liked about Deer Park - which was pretty much the same menu. You could go and if one person was in a bar food mood, you got it and the other could do the more restaurant type food. I used to love their grilled flat breads and would have that for dinner and my husband would do a steak.

                1. re: wincountrygirl

                  Happy 2 c the new place opened in town........GOOD?

        2. Went last night for dinner and a great evening. The service was incredible from the host to waitress to water/bus person. The food was solid! We enjoyed our salad sand entrees. Dessert was just ok. We'll be back

          1. Would really like to try it, as I think the menu looks terrific. But, our night out is usually Saturday and they don't take reservations for less than 6 ppl. I can't stomach the idea of going for dinner this weekend and finding that we have an hour long wait or something. Kills the enjoyment of the whole night in my mind. Guess I'll have to wait for a weeknight, or more people to join us.

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            1. re: MRS

              Four of us went for the Tuesday burger special - buy one, get one free. So you get 2 burgers for $12. The Burgers were very good and I just might go again in the near future. The problems were as follows: the server was the first problem. 3 of the burgers were having salad instead of fries. He ignored that and brought out the fries. Instead of just leaving those plates and bringing a separate salad he then took the 3 away and then had to bring them back. He also left the cheese off one of the orders and an onion off the other. My burger was supposed to be medium rare and it came out almost raw. We arrived at 6PM and the place started to get busy but they had enough staff to handle it. BUT, one of the tables had small children who were literally screaming! The ceilings are low and the noise was incredible. I spoke to the Hostess who did speak to the parents who ignored her. Even after this family left the noise level made it so you could not hear the people sitting across from each other. They should have put some noise controls on the ceiling and walls and perhaps carpeting on the floor. While the burgers were good I think FAB, in Mt. Kisco, makes them better. But then again 2 for 1 is hard to beat. Just get there early.

              1. re: fred25

                As fans of the old Deer Park Tavern, we finally got to King Street last night. Food was good. Our server was terrific and a lot of the servers from DPT were there. The owner was there and so nice and welcoming. Wednesday night is any bottle of wine on the menu is 1/2 price, so we'll go back on a Wednesday. You are right about the noise. Some women a the bar were blowing out my eardrums!