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Feb 18, 2012 08:11 PM

Best Places for Cheap Spices and Canned Goods.

Hi All!

I'm really into canning and making mustards and sauces and all the good stuff. Lately, though, I'm finding that I can't find lots of the ingredients I'm looking for, like black mustard seeds, for instance.

I'm also wondering where to buy cheap cans of tomatoes for large batches of salsa and marinara.

So what's the store I'm looking for?


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  1. For cheap spices, I often go to Indian groceries as they typically buy in bulk and repackage into smaller quantities. Here's one I go to: Marché Jolee (5493, av Victoria, Montréal, QC H3W 2P9).

    1. You might want to check out Spice Station on Bernard for the spices. Not sure how the prices compare but they have interesting things that I haven't seen elsewhere. Also, a lot of people like Anatol, on St-Laurent in Little Italy, for spices, and Aubut for bulk stuff.

      1. If you have a membership or know of a friend who goes to Costco, they sell massive tins of canned whole tomatoes. Some Asian stores sell them, too. In many Indian stores, you won't find black mustard seeds, they prefer brown. I found mine near St. Laurent metro, just up the street on the right at the Bengali grocer. Its a decent place, well-stocked.

        1. Cheap and fresh spices? In bulk at Akhavan.

          1. search for the nuts thread. In the acadie boulevard and chabanel there's an egyptian market/warehouse with a vast variety of spices