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Feb 18, 2012 07:59 PM

Those rascals at Ritz have downsized from a pound.

There once was a sanctity to the phrase: "Pound of crackers".
Now, even Ritz, in their marketing wisdom.
has shortened each stack
so that four stacks to the box
now weigh 14.2 ounces.

Just imagine great-grandma,
in the general store
asking for a pound of hoop cheese
and 14.2 ounces of crackers.

We've seen it with tuna
growing ever more minuscule,
and chips and with ice cream.

And who would have thought
that a quart of good mayo
could shrink from a full 32
down ten percent, to 30 ounces?

Now lost to our language is
the simple and friendly phrase:
"Pound of crackers".

A shame and a shitz
to corporate board of Ritz.
They should have raised prices
and kept it full pound.

Because phrases of Grandmas,
and full weights and measures,
are priceless.

And so too, their recipes,
such as their casseroles,
with assured call to measure
of a full pound of crackers.

Shame to the industry
through this last decade of downsizing,
seeking price obfuscation,
rather than legitimate pricing.

Any ideas as to how to restore
both the quart and the pound?

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  1. outside of becoming a producer and deciding in what weights/sizes your products will be sold there is little a consumer can do. In some markets, some items may be purchased in bulk, so you can buy your pound of coffee and not get an 11.5 ounce can.

    The shrinking content is the hidden price increase.