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Feb 18, 2012 07:23 PM

Blood orange juice in the Scottsdale/Tempe/Chandler area?

Does anyone know where to buy fresh blood orange juice (Viovi, Aliseo, etc) in the Scottsdale/Tempe/Chandler area?

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  1. They were sampling blood orange juice last weekend at AJ's in Scottsdale. I'd call them and make sure the one closest to you is carrying it.

    1. They have blood oranges by the bag at Trader Joes.

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        I've purchased them at Roadrunner Park Farmers' Market, but, not sure of the season. I'm pretty sure it was a local grower, though.

      2. I saw some at Whole Foods on Rural in Tempe not too long ago. They had it up front on the cooler to the right as you walk through the doors in their store-packaged area. :)