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Feb 18, 2012 06:46 PM

Freezing a mousse-chiffon cake with ganache?

My boyfriend got me a great birthday cake made of layers of chocolate mousse and chocolate chiffon cake, covered in ganache. However, it's so rich that there's no way the two of us can finish it in a decent amount of time. Would it be ruined if frozen? I was thinking of slicing it up and freezing individual portions, but I'm not sure what would happen to the mousse.

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  1. the components of your cake all freeze well.

    couple points though: cakes freeze beautifully whole. once cut, the exposed sides tend to dry out, so i wouldn't keep this frozen more than a month.

    second, the ganache and the cake will thaw at different rates. while cake thaws better at room temp, ganache should be thawed in the fridge, and even then may still be very hard. again, the fridge will dry out the exposed surfaces of the cut cake if you thaw them in there.

    not sure how much you have left? but i'd cut it into larger pieces, instead of slices, and freeze those. wrap in plastic, then foil, then a ziploc with the air squeezed out. it won't be as wonderful as it was on your b-day, but will still be very good.

    or, you could give some away! friends, work, etc.

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      Thanks for the tips. I have about half a 10 inch cake left so I'll probably just split it in half. Then I can just shave off the edges when it thaws if they are dry.