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Feb 18, 2012 06:22 PM

Long Island recommendations requested (fish/chips, falafel, chicken caesar salad)

I'm looking for Long Island recommendations for the follow.

1. Falafel - looking for authentic falafel - that I enjoyed in Israel and Palestinian areas.
I tried Hummus World in Roslyn Heights, which was awful.
2. Fish/Chips
3. I'm a big fan of Chicken Caesar salads. A standout has fresh greens, a tangy, fresh and garlic flavored dressing and quallity grilled chicken breast (wood grilled even better.)


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  1. 1. Maybe one of the Ayhann's

    2. Classic American had excellent Fish & Chips, but I haven't eaten there in a while

    1. Do not care for Ayahns falafel. I think Hunki's in Plainview is much better (still not great).

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        re: Falafel, does it have to be an actual restaurant? I'm a big fan of Tavlin:
        it's a market, no eat-in.
        Their babganoush, BTW, is sublime.

        Ditto to Classic American and fish and chips.

      2. 1. Greek Corner in Carle place is pretty good.

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          Totally unplanned, but I just went back to Azerbaijan Grill in East Meadow today for lunch.

          I didn't have the falafel, but my guest did, and enjoyed it. FYI, it's served covered with a sort of tahini sauce; if tahini isn't your thing (it's not mine), then be forewarned to ask for it on the side.

          This is the third time I've been there (each time for lunch) and I've enjoyed each meal.

          As for salads--caesar and other--try Laguna Grill in Woodbury:

        2. I really like the Fish and Chips at Canterbury Ales in Huntington Village. If your familiar with the Canterbury's in Oyster Bay, they are now unrelated restaurants with different menus.

          1. falafel is available at:
            Hummus World
            17 Lincoln Ave
            Roslyn Heights, NY 11577
            (516) 621-0025