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Feb 18, 2012 04:48 PM

Sugar Houses in Western MA

It's that time of year, and our first sugaring-off season living in the Pioneer Valley.
Chowhounds, what are your favorite sugar houses, and how do you suggest best to visit them? (i.e., breakfast or brunch or lunch, strictly pancakes, weekends only or weekdays, etc?) TIA ---

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  1. Yum!!! Can't wait. The two sugar shacks that we visit each year are South Face Farm in Ashfield and Steve's in Westhampton. We like South Face because of the's about 30 minutes from us (in Florence) so it truly seems like an outing. They have corn fritters that are so good with syrup. My husband and the girls get pancakes, but I usually get eggs. I'm not a "sweets for breakfast" person. We go early, aiming for arrival at 8-8:30.
    For Steve's, it is full of locals and as my husband teaches in the district, he tends to see students and coworkers, which makes it nice. Truly, I don't think you can go wrong!! Have fun!

    1. give yourself a real treat and go to Davenport's in SHelburne. Head and shoulders above all the others.

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        davenport's is, indeed, aces. cleaning up, i just found one of their fliers from '94 when they were open 6 days a weeks and for dinner as well. now, however, they are only open march + early april, and only on weekends. and the line gets pretty long if you get there after 9:00 AM. so start early.

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          or go late. We always go after one and never wait at all.

        2. re: magiesmom

          Agreed...our favorite. Nice folks, gorgeous view on top of the hillside and good chow! Plus you can putter around in Shelburne Falls afterwards.