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Feb 18, 2012 04:40 PM

Mix Nuts W/Shell in SD

For a few months I was getting mixed nuts in the shell from Carnival Market in Kearny Mesa. They were walnuts, Brazil, filberts, almonds, etc. For some reason they haven't had them for the last month and now I'm craving. I tried Henry's, Vons, Ralphs, Balboa International Market and no one has them. Any ideas where I can get bulk mixed nuts with the shell on in SD, near Kearny Mesa? Thanks!!

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  1. I don't know if this will be helpful or not, but I've found that shell on mixed nuts in SD tend to be seasonal around the holidays. Not sure you'll find them otherwise. Best nut selection - other than Bates - is Trader Joes

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    1. re: DiningDiva

      It was, thank you. I had never heard of Bates, so I Googled it, and got fairly excited when it said Nut Farm. However, after having reviewed their site, it looks like more of a place to buy pre-packaged shelled nuts which is not really what I am after. If it is different please let me know. I suspect TJ's is also selling said shelled nuts? I've actually never been to any of their stores but since there seems to be one close to me in Hillcrest, I will check it out soon.

      I guess I had never really thought of nuts having a season, or at least such a short season of just a few months, but it appears they do. I mean given their shell, one might think they would last a bit longer! I did find some online places but they were very expensive.

    2. When growing up (in Detroit), the only time we pulled out the big bowl that had a slot to hold a nut cracker was at Christmas time. It was the kitchen table centerpiece for the month of December and nuts we had to crack were our snacks until the New Year, then it would be put away. When I see the bags of unshelled nuts at Costco, I know Christmas is near.

      I do only see the bags of mixed nuts with shells sold at that time of year at Costco and at Bates. When I go back to Detroit at Thanksgiving, the local grocery and Produce stores sell bulk nuts in shells..we couldn't find shelled pecans for pecan pie one year and ended up with very sore hands breaking pecan shells using the one nutcracker and eventually pliers and a hammer on Thanksgiving Eve...

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        I read your response with a smile. I too, while growing up, only noticed the nuts with the shells come out during Thanksgiving & Christmas. Those are fond memories, but my awareness back then was different than it is now.

        Also, the nuts (w/shells on) that I had been buying at Carnival up until a month ago, were not in bags. They were loose. They were in big paper bags. You simply reached in and scooped what you wanted. I guess I had enjoyed cracking and eating these nuts through the holiday period and beyond (well into Jan), I figured I had stumbled onto a market that had a source for them, where other stores did not.

        I realize I can get all of these nuts, shelled and in a bag. I just really enjoyed cracking them and didnt think that had to stop.