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Feb 18, 2012 04:19 PM

Gabardine--Pt.Loma Open Yet


Curious if the new Malarky venture in Pt Loma, Gabardine, has opened yet...if not, when?


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  1. According to Brian's twitter thingy, Gabardine opens this upcoming week -- doesn't say which day. Photos and more updates here:

    1. I live about a block away from the old La Playa Bistro, soon to be Gabardine, and from what I observe as I watch the ongoing work, it will take a monumental effort to open in a week. Possible, but not likely.

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      1. re: sandiegomike

        That's what Gingham was like before it opened. They said they were going to do a New Year's Eve opening, which they did, but then they turned around and closed it for a few more days to finish up. That could end up being their modus operendi for all these places. Open for the investors on time, then close for a few days before opening for regular service

      2. They opened yesterday.

        1. Just got back from dinner there. Service is still a little green, and no liquor.


          The Snake Oil aperitif-based cocktail was something I'd never order, but was far better than expected, and I'll order that again.

          Shared two salads- a fried chick-pea thing that was very good and a green-goddess mixed greens that was pretty ordinary.

          But then- we each had a fish stew, mine Portuguese hers was mussels and all kinds of brothy stuff. Both were nothing like I've had here, and I thought both were fantastic. The other dishes I saw going by to other diners looked exellent as well.

          We will be back.

          **Note: I don't represent any of this food to be "authentic" nor do I claim to be an expert of any cuisine beyond that of the average drive-thru taco shop.

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          1. re: Fake Name

            Isn't it time that Ed Hardy started making Fedora hats?

            1. re: Fake Name

              Thanks for the report Fake Name.

              We went last week. I liked the decor but felt like it took me a few days to recover from the tinnitus - it was SO LOUD!

              Our food was kind of a mixed bag; a few things we wanted to try were 86ed. The yellowfin crudo had a nice sauce but the texture of the fish tasted a little off. The TJ salad was pretty average but there was a spicy salad that was great. We also shared a swordfish sandwich which was pretty tasty and a ribeye that had excellent flavor but was pretty skimpy.

              Overall I think it's a great addition to Point Loma. I'm definitely going to try the fish stew next time,.

              1. re: melee

                I'm usually the first to beeyotch about noise, but the room was not full when we were there, so I have no complaints.

              2. re: Fake Name

                Went tonight. Great stuff. Service is def. green. Our server told us we should get the black cod foie gras because foie gras will be illegal in CA in 2 weeks. I had to explain to her that was the kind from geese, not from fish.

                Pickled eggs were awesome. Very short cooking time leaves them with runny yolk in center. Served with bread pieces for dipping. Yum.

                Caesar was good, though not remarkable.

                Bacalao on corn bread w/ jalapeno jelly was really delicious. Recommended.

                Swordfish burger was also very good, as were the frites accompanying.

                Place is loud for sure, and very busy. I would definitely go again. Lots of the menu reads very well, and the plates going to the surrounding tables all looked amazing.

                1. re: Josh

                  lol, I would have asked her about the gavage of the fish.

                  Clever of them to call it foie - but it's not even ankimo..or monkfish. Beef liver might as well be called cow foie. DId you end up trying it?

                  1. re: Rodzilla

                    He was serving that at last years food and wine fest. Horrible. Hopefully they've gotten better at pulling that dish off but the big miss is cod liver isn't even close to the same ballpark as foie so the concept is fatally flawed from the get go. Im all for creative menu names, but labeling cod liver foie is basically lying to your customer IMO. Truth in menu.

                    1. re: Rodzilla

                      We did try it. I liked it, had a very interesting flavor. They do put it in scare quotes, so I don't really think they're trying to pull one over on people.

                      1. re: Josh

                        It seems to me like Chad is repurposing several of his dishes from Sea Rocket for Gabardine. Josh, is there a lot more to the menu that isn't so Chad-like? It's interesting because Malarkey is executive chef of all his ventures, naming chef de cuisines at some, but Chad has the exec. title, too. Two exec chefs? Further, Brian is supposedly the seafood guru and I keep seeing Chad's dishes mentioned, with non-seafood items mentioned that are evocative of Malarkey's other restos, i.e. Brussels Sprouts, salads, some other sides that are slipping my mind. So Malarkey brought the side dishes from his other places, and Chad some from his former menu. Sounds like an uninventive mash-up.

                        1. re: Granite

                          There were meat items like a lamb porterhouse, a rib eye steak. I can't say the food reminded me that much of Sea Rocket. At Sea Rocket, for example, when I had the black cod foie it was served on a slider, melted into some grass-fed beef. Here it was on a pancake with some fruit compote on the side. It was quite an odd combo, but I thought it worked.

                          I haven't been to any of Malarkey's other places, so I couldn't really speak to that. I am a fan of a lot of Chad's dishes, so my inclination is to give him the benefit of the doubt here.

                          Some of the items on the menu sounded pretty interesting, there was a shrimp and grits with sea urchin that I really wanted to try.

                          1. re: Josh

                            I've had the shrimp and bacon grits at Searsucker several times over (consistent and delicious), and the shrimp and oxtail grits at Gingham were divine. You should definitely try any rendition of 'em.

                            Fake name- I have not been, which is why I said "sounds like." I don't want to spend full price when a place is working out its soft opening kinks. They haven't posted a menu yet- that tells me it isn't finalized. And what I have heard (sardines, cod liver, uni ice cream, fish stew) sounds like Sea Rocket. Sue me! :)

                            I want the place to do well, and I'm a fan of the other restaurants (and both chefs). I'll check it out in the next couple months.

                            1. re: Granite

                              When I talked to Chef White about the venture, he said he pretty much had complete creative freedom on the menu. I think this basically means he comes up with all the ideas and then the other guy may get some final veto/modification powers.

                              I'm sure the other guy does most of the "controversial" naming of the dishes too

                        2. re: Josh

                          Turning liver into a foie like product is a process. For me quotation marks don't excuse that since the word itself implies you are getting a type of ingredient that was fashioned in a certain way that in reality you are not getting. Good to hear though that at least now it is palatable. At the fw fest, it was not.

                  2. I went to Gabardine.

                    I ate the food.

                    It was good.

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                      That seems sufficiently anodyne to pass muster.