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Jun 13, 2001 11:49 AM

Roadside foods & Placees to take my kids in July...

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I am planning a 3 week camping trip w/ mmy kids in July o N. Cal. We live in LA, but I am looking for unusual, or fun places to take my kids between campsites, or while we are on the road. We will be stopping in Mendicino, Crescent City,SF,Ft.Brag,Richadson Grove State Park, The redwoods and all over Hwy 1/101 thru the border of California.

Possibly Monterey also..

My wife & I are always looking for interesting places
to dine in that aren't "chain food".

Thanks for your help!

Bob S.

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  1. There's been some discussion of places in Humboldt County (virtually all *right* off the 101) on this board, see the link below.

    Crescent City is the wrong place to eat--a chow wasteland, but Eureka and Arcata offer some great finds.

    I would especially recommend for your family:

    Flour Garden (more than a bakery, read about it in the thread below)
    712 5th St (actually 101 N)
    Eureka, CA 95501
    (707) 443-1890

    Rolf's Park Cafe & Motel (German cuisine and game)
    123664 Highway 101
    Orick, CA 95555
    (707) 488-3841

    Paste the following URL into the address field of your browser and look up the exact location of any of the places in the Northern Ca thread.


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      Went to Rolf's twice last week. I would give it my highest recommendation. The oyster & bacon sandwich is a revelation. Outstanding!