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Feb 18, 2012 02:27 PM

Best rice cooker?

Hi all,
I'm interested in a rice cooker that does NOT feature teflon... but I don't want to spend $200 either if I can help it!

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  1. has a few answers for you

    But the big 3 in Japan are Zojirushi, Tiger and National (Panasonic), all have a very broad range in price.

    1. We have some older National Panasonic rice cookers with bare aluminum pots and they work great. No real keep warm feature. The current one in use is a Zojirushi, induction. The pot is coated. After a little over two years, no peeling or scratches. We always use a bamboo or plastic rice paddle. It does have a very good keep warm feature. Purchased from an on line company called Very Asia.

      1. I responded to another thread with a similar request. The two I recommend (from experience) is the Miracle rice cooker or the Oyama. Both have stainless steel inserts - not teflon. I know the Miracle was on Amazon. The Oyama came from a different place. They were not that expensive - I think I paid around $60. They are very easy to clean........

        1. IndyGirl

          I just checked Amazon and they sell both the Miracle and the Oyama. I use the Miracle mostly. The price ranges from $65 to $80 or so. Plenty of reviews for you to look at.

          1. There are many that are below $200. I agree with Terret that Zojirush, Tiger, and Panasonic are great brands. Aroma is another rice cooker I would recommend also. They all have difference sizes, features, and price range. You just have to research which one fits your cooking needs.

            Found this article for you which compares a few of these rice cookers: