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Feb 18, 2012 01:40 PM

Orris is changing (a lot)....

Was walking by Orris two days ago (to a non-food related event) and noticed that there was a big banner out front stating that "Spaghetti House" was opening in its place (can't remember if there was a date posted, although I'm sure there must have been). I had originally thought that the ownership was changing, but apparently it's not; a menu posted outside says, "Spaghetti House by Orris."

I can't recall the menu items off the top of my head (it was dark, and I've been quite sick this week), but the menu itself was only a page long, and there were perhaps 8 spaghetti entrees? My vague recollection is that they (not surprisingly) seemed to be very Japanese sounding dishes (perhaps I saw on uni spaghetti somewhere?). Prices were about $9/dish?

At any rate, I loved Orris the 2 times I went several years ago, so I'm thinking this place will be worth a try. Does anybody else have additional info?

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  1. The owner/founder of Orris, Hideo Yamashiro, has completely revamped Orris. Becasue it's Chef Yamashiro, I think it will be worth a try. If you liked Orris, Shiro in South Pas is still worthwhile.

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    1. re: Ogawak

      The menu is already up on their website...

      I LOVE Orris and am glad that their grilled romaine salad is still on the menu, but I always felt like the pasta dishes at Orris were their weakest link... ah well... look forward to the report...


      1. re: Dommy

        The Spaghetti place will be open for lunch. Orris was only open for dinner. More options for lunch on Sawtelle is a good thing.

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          Wait so it's a pasta place during the day and Japanese-Fusion tapas at night?

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            damn, i did like orris' small plate dishes, esp the shrimp and salmon mousse ravioli in shittake mushroom sauce, and since i could get that in West LA, without making the long schlep to south pasadena for it.

            1. re: kevin

              that dish is still on the menu

      2. i tried the uni pasta. pretty good. they used red santa barbara sea urchin. the old menu will pop up as specials.

        1. Decided to try out the new menu on Mother's Day. Food was just as delicious as before. Old favorites like the shrimp tempura with curry flavor and the shrimp ravioli were just as we remembered. We also had the seafood marinara, bacon carbonara, and the mushroom and mustard green pastas. All were excellent. The mustard green pasta reminded me of a Chinese noodle dish and was very memorable. Excellent food but am worried as there were very few patrons. Hope business picks up!

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            I went there about 2 months ago and was pretty disappointed with what I had (spaghetti w/ mushroom and mustard greens). It wasn't *bad* by any stretch of the imagination, but it wasn't any particularly interesting, either. I honestly felt it tasted a lot like the fun, but not exceptional, pastas I can get a Blue Marlin....