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Feb 18, 2012 01:04 PM

Port Monmouth suggestions please.. within a half hour or less drive

We are in need of GOOD food tomorrow! We are interested in a casual, comfortable place, that serves really good food. Not Indian and not Sushi. We are a diverse group. So it will be hard to describe what we are looking for, but I am hoping for some suggestions. Any ideas welcome! We just don't want to get dressed up! Thanks!

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    Belford Bistro is casual...not sweatpants casual...but no jacket required either.
    More importantly, delicious.

    1. This may be a little late if you really needed this information for dinner yesterday, but I live in Belford, and some the casual places that get repeat business from me because of good food are (in no particular order):
      1) MJs Bar and Grill, Middletown
      2) Houlihan's, Holmdel
      3) Woody's, Sea Bright
      4) Windansea, Highlands
      5) Belford Bistro, Belford

      1. Thank you HillJKand CKE25, we ended up at Rigoletto Trattoria. Our waiter was wonderful. He was charming and funny. The food was no big deal. We had 7 different dishes, and no one was impressed, the verdict was it was OK that was it.

        I appreciate your responses very much and will keep them for next time we get together. Belford Bistro will definitely be on my short list! I appreciate your help. Much thanks.