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Jun 7, 2001 06:37 PM

Question about bakery in Sacramento

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I believe that the baker who a couple of years ago opened a bakery around the corner from my house in Alameda now has a bakery in Sacramento -- rumor has it in the Sunrise mall.

He is from Bulgaria and is, in my opinion, a genius with puff pastry. He also made some of the most beautiful cakes I've ever seen.

The bakery he started here is called Sophia European Bakery, and it just isn't the same since he left. Anyone know where he might be doing business in Sacramento?

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  1. I went through the Yellow Pages and couldn't find any listing which was even close. Sacramento is not a great bakery town! We have lots of other things to recommend us, but not bakeries.

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    1. re: Karolyn

      Hey, Karolyn! Now that I know someone in Sacramento is looking, I asked again at the place around the corner. She said it is called "Galina" (or I guess it could be Galena, or perhaps with an 's) and it's in "a big mall with a Trader Joe's ... Sun-something."

      You might want to keep a look out for it, as my experience with this baker is that he's a both tremendously talented and a perfectionist. Without him the place he co-founded here is only a shadow of what it was (they no longer do the range of fancy cakes he did -- I may have to trek up to Sacramento for one of his Princess cakes).

      He explained to me once (after I complimented -- ok raved over -- his puff pastry) that most large bakeries have to mix shortening with the butter to get a consistency that will go through their machines. He refuses to use anything but pure butter, so he makes it all by hand.

      At the place around the corner, they main work area is right behind the sales counter ... it's so nice to see them cracking whole eggs and setting out huge lumps of butter and chocolate. You know they aren't cutting any corners by using commercial food service products.

      1. re: Ruth Lafler

        Hi everybody,

        The place that you're describing started sounding a lot like a bakery right around the corner from my Mom's house, and, using, verified that it sure enough is.

        Galina Bakery
        5265 Sunrise Blvd
        Fair Oaks, CA 95628
        (916) 863-1525

        It is in a shopping complex at the soutwest corner of the intersection of Sunrise Blvd. and Madison Ave. There is indeed a Trader Joe's in the complex. When I'm back in the States in September, I'll make sure to give it a try!


        1. re: Andy P.

          Thanks so much, Andy! With the address and a weblocator, I'll be able to find it if I'm in the area.

          If you go, tell the baker one of his old customers in Alameda misses him (or at least his fresh fruit pastries)!

          1. re: Andy P.
            Christine DiBon

            Thank you, chowhounds, for turning us on to this place!!

            My husband's and my birthdays are three weeks apart, so in the last month we've each gotten the other a birthday cake from Galina and been pretty happy.

            Predictibly, we each liked the cake we picked out for the other person best - for his b-day I chose their 'tiramisu' cake: layers of (very lightly) espresso soaked cake, with marsala (?) flavored cream between the layers, frosted with whipped cream, choclate shavings pressed into the sides. For mine, he picked out a cake with one layer of white cake, one layer of chocolate, orange rind flavored cream in the layers and again, whipped cream frosting.

            Very clean, fresh flavors, not rich or gooey. Decoration is minimal - but not in that City Bakery sort of way - only piped stuff was along the top and bottom edges of the cake, and the inscription was kinda of funky looking...if you're any good with an icing bag, you might want to do it yourself...

            For my birthday breakfast, husband picked up some palmiers, and reheated them in the toaster a day later - they were *really* good

            Thanks to the No. Cal. hounds for this tip


          2. re: Ruth Lafler

            Now I know exactly where you mean. I have arthritis and bad feet, so have to have custom altered shoes. I get them at Sunrise Shoes in the shopiing center at Sunrise and Madison Avenue. After the shoe store, I treat myself to a shopping expedition at Trader Joes. By the time I leave I usually have several frozen items. On my way out of the shopping center, I see the bakery and think about stopping. But, it's a 35-40 minute drive to downtown where I live and I have those frozen items, so have never managed it. Sounds like time for a bakery trip. Because that's one thing Sacramento doesn't have yet, a good bakery. Maybe Phillips for some desserts, but I'm looking for breads and that sort of baked goods.

            1. re: Karolyn

              If it's anything like his place in Alameda, he doesn't do bread -- just pastries, cakes, etc. So if you're looking for bread, don't make a special trip. Do stop in *before* you buy frozen stuff at TJ's though!

              Considering all the good bread in the Bay Area it's amazing that Sacramento doesn't have any good bread bakeries.

          3. re: Karolyn

            Hi Karolyn,

            I was able to locate the bakery using (see my post below). But, even using, a search of "Galina" and "Sacramento" yielded nothing.

            Not until I remembered that that little corner of Sac. county is also serviced by Roseville Telephone, and entered "Galina", and "Roseville", did I find the correct info for Galina Bakery, in Fair Oaks, CA. Go figure.

            And, welcome to the site!