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Feb 18, 2012 12:02 PM

Group dining at Firefly? Other better choices?

I ate with a small party at Firefly on my last trip and it was a nice break from 6 days in the hotel.

I've got 12 people to feed somewhere relatively close to the MGM on a Saturday night. They offer a pretty good deal at Firefly including an open bar (obviously limited selection) for 2 hours. Anybody been there with a large group? I'm paying so I don't want to go nuts, but show them a good time.

Any other ideas y'all might be able to share?

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  1. I took a group of 12 to Firefly earlier this week. We ate a wide variety of Tapas, all of which were good, many of which were VERY good. I wouldn't hesitate to go back again with either a large or small group. Terrific value in my opinion. Also found it very efficient with the food coming out fast once the order was placed. Some decent wines at fair prices - and some pretty good cocktails at about half the price of places on the strip.Favorite dishes: Tuna Tartare, Stuffed Dates, Padron Peppers (addictive), Shrimp Tempura, Camarones al Ajillo, Filet Sliders.

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      Ive never been to Vegas before and I am looking for a nice place to do a tapas style quick reception after our wedding ceremony for about 25 people. Would Firefly be a good option in terms of atmosphere or is it too casual?