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Blooming onion in London?

If anyone knows, chowhound will know... Where in London (or anywhere even vaguely close to London) can I find a blooming onion? One of the deep fried cholesterol ridden beauties? Any ideas?

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  1. What's a blooming onion, please?

    I'm assuming that you're using the word "blooming" in a sort of floral sense, rather than as a polite swear word?

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      Heehee -- yes, it's a large sweet onion cut and soaked in cold water so it "blooms", somewhat resembling a chrysanthemum. It's a specialty of American chain restaurants, and looks like this:


      I think finding on in London is going to be a Herculean task.

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        Thanks, sunshine. Now I've seen the photo, I'm sure I've eaten one on a trip to the States years back.

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          Hrm, maybe my best bet is to make one! Or perhaps I should petition MeatLiquor to put it on the menu...

      2. I had one at the Texas Embassy Cantina a few years back: http://www.flickr.com/photos/kake_pug... but (a) it was pretty terrible (still raw in the middle) and (b) it doesn't seem to be on their menu any more: http://www.texasembassy.com/foods.html

        However it might be worth asking them!

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          Thank you, I will check it out in any case. My friend is just about ready to book flights to the US just to get one!

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            They also used to do them as a starter at the Black and Blue chain of steak places, although they were called a "flowering onion" (my flatmate loved them). However; I think they changed the menu fairly recently and I don't think they made the cut.


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              oh no, so sad! Thanks for letting me know though, I'll keep an eye out for it there - you never know, there might be a special one day!

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                This isn't going to help either, but they had them on the menu at Outback steakhouse. I just checked online and it seems the last of the U.K. branches closed last year.

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                  That was actually what sparked the conversation with my friend - we were planning a mission to Outback and then found out they were all closed!

                  1. re: uniqueusername

                    You'd probably have been disappointed in any case. They always seemed to have trouble securing large enough onions.

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                      I was wondering about that...I've seen some big onions on this side of the pond, but nothing the size you'd need to make a Bloomin' Onion.

        2. My impression is that they're becoming something of a dying breed in the US, too -- seems like fewer places offer them. Outback of course, because it's one of their signature items -- but I didn't see too many of them on menus when I was in the States this winter.

          1. Black and Blue in Notting Hill Gate has brought it back on it's menu.

            1. Also on at the Stax Diner

              1. Meat mission does them