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Feb 18, 2012 11:37 AM

Hugo' Cellar and/or The Flame

Old, Old, Old school eating. My very first fine dinning experience in Las Vegas was at The Flame. That was many a moon ago. I have never been to Hugo's but have often come close. This visit to Downtown we are going to try one or the other. Has anyone had RECENT visits to either and what are your comments please. We are looking for good food in a relaxed atmosphere. NOT looking for comparisons to Joel Robuchon or the other mega cost places, just opinions on this level of dinning.
My feeling is you don't have to pay out your nose to have an enjoyable experience. My other philosophy is "Take my money. Just give me what I want". Any constructive reviews would be greatly appreciated. Its boards like this that can pass on the real qualities or down-falls of any restaurants.
Thanks and I'll let you know the outcome, good or bad.

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  1. I went with two friends to The Flame on Christmas night. As usual, the food and service were excellent. After we were seated and ordered our beverages the waiter brought a basket of assorted rolls and bread from which to choose. There were three or four types to choose from. We each chose two pieces to start with. I started with the French onion soup. It was very good and not salty. My two friends ordered the shrimp cocktail. It had five jumbo shrips. They both enjoyed the shrimp cocktail. We each ordered the rib eye medium rare. It was perfectly cooked and not overly seasoned. We ordered mac and cheese, garlic mashed potatoes and grilled asapargus as the sides. The mac and cheese was ok. The other two sides were excellent. The added bonus is that The Flame is on

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      Looks like my replies are a little on the skimpy side. Well Eric I appreciate your story. Thank you very much. Realistically I don't think I could go wrong at either place but I was hoping for several stories to persuade me one way or the other.

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        My choice would be the Flame Steakhouse. Look for an El Cortez ad running in the R-J that includes a coupon for a free bottle of wine with the purchase of 2 entrees. Start the night off at the recently renovated and renamed Parlour bar where you can enjoy 2 for 1 martinis between 5PM and 7PM. The bullet martini was excellent and highly recommended by our bartender.

        The restaurant flies in Florida stone crab on the weekends during season. $28 for a full pound of crab claws that comes with cottage fries and coleslaw. I also highly recommend a side order of creamed corn. My last suggestion is to make a reservation using the Open Table system.

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          Let me be the first to recommend Hugo's. The ambience, food and service are superb. Their Caesar Salad 'off the chart'. The waitperson will present each ingredient to you and ask if you want to include it or not. The steaks and prime rib are as good as you'll find anywhere.
          We will be celebrating our 50th there next month.