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Feb 18, 2012 11:16 AM

Fire breathing drink

Does any bar in Austin still do drinks involving the bartender blowing fire to light the drink?

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  1. There are still some bars on/near dirty 6th that will serve flaming drinks (Touche, Fuel). Enjoy the frat-bag scene.

    Serious bars that serve serious drinks may flame a orange or lemon peel to give a good cocktail a nice flavor, but they won't actually ignite a stream of Bacardi 151 for the same effect.

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    1. re: karma belle

      Lol. I'll pass on the "frat-bag" scene; just looking for a little showmanship.

    2. You should probably ask around, rather than post here, since fire marshals take a particularly dim view of this practice. A key word to use would be 'Flaming Dr Pepper'.

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      1. re: TAF

        I'd bet that Cheers could help you out. Or you could take Amaretto, Bacardi 151, and Root Beer Schnapps, and make your own (though most recipes omit the Root Beer Schnapps), light, and drop in some beer. Lord knows I did way dumber things in my frat-brag days.