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Feb 18, 2012 10:55 AM

Schaefer's Beer?

So I hear Schaefer is the one beer to have when you're having more than one.....

Any ideas on where to buy it in Manhattan? Is it very hard to find?

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  1. God, that brings back memories. Back in it's heyday as the leading beer in NYC Schaefer on draft was pleasant enough. In cans or bottles it had a slightly metallic taste and was unpleasant. Of course that never stopped me from drinking it.

    Schaefer was purchased by Stroh's in the early 1980s. I have no idea if they changed the formula.

    1. Schaefer's is definitely still most of the legacy brands currently marketed by Pabst, it is very clearly not brewed from the same formula as 50 years ago. These days, it is a budget brew.
      I've seen it locally here in NJ for $6 or $7 a case.

      1. The brand still has a web site that lists distributors and retail venues.

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        1. re: chrisbob

          First place I looked. Did you see any in Manhattan? Cuz I didn't.

          [Believe me - one of my biggest pet peeves on these boards are lazy ass posters who don't seem to know this thing called GOOGLE exists!]

          1. re: thegforceny

            Sounds like it might be worth taking the next giant step: a phone call to the distributor in Brooklyn to find out if Manhattan is included in its territory. Good luck.

            1. re: chrisbob

              Thank you so much for the great advice.

              1. re: thegforceny

                The link only shows distributors, not retail stores. But I have seen it in Pathmark in Westchester county (actually someone on line in front of me bought a case). So it is out there,possibly only in larger supermarkets. Maybe the pathmark on the lower east side has it?

        2. Living in New Orleans I have no idea if The Song is still around but here are the words as I recall them from 40 years ago:

          Schaefer is the
          One beer to have if
          You're having
          More than one.

          Schaefer pleasure
          Never fades
          Even when the
          Day is Done

          The most re WARDING
          Flavor in this mans world
          For people who are
          having Fun!

          Schaefer is the
          One beer to have
          When you're having
          More than one.

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          1. re: hazelhurst

            I thought that "Schaefer...pleasure...never fades, even when your thirst is done."

            Dave Cook

            1. re: DaveCook

              You're absolutely right. Thanks for the correction.

              Now I've got Naragansett ads running through my head

              1. re: hazelhurst

                $4.00 a case in Florida in 1975. Steel cans, too. A step up from Genessee. And worlds above Orbit Beer. Bottled and brewed on the Space Coast. And tasted like it was done in that order.

                1. re: INDIANRIVERFL

                  I used to buy those $4 cases at Kmart (yeah they sold beer back then) in Gainesville.

                  Schaefer actually has done well in blind taste tests, for a skunky beer it's not very skunky.

                  1. re: redfish62

                    Several friends of mine and I formed a self-proclaimed Schaefer Hall of Fame & Ring of Honor. Just stupid way for us to celebrate with Schaefer when we get together - and share stories and photos when we're apart. We've introduced many, many folks to Schaefer. Though the official slogan was once "the one beer when you're having more than one", we've adopted a new one more in line with your assessment. Based on the reaction folks have when drinking their 1st Schaef, our slogan is now "Schaefer: Its really not that bad."

                    1. re: redfish62

                      I've only seen Schaefer in cans in recent years. And canned beer _can't_ get skunky, because it is not exposed to light.

                    2. re: INDIANRIVERFL

                      Genessee Cream Ale...grew up on that stuff!

                    3. re: hazelhurst

                      In fairness, according to this clip -- -- I wasn't absolutely right, either. Lyrics kick in about halfway through.

                      Dave Cook

                  2. re: hazelhurst

                    Yup, those are the lyrics (but for the small glitch)--and I remember hearing the jingle while watching the Yankees on tv in the mid 1960's...Good show, Hazelhurst!

                  3. The Spring Lounge at 48 Spring St & corner of Mulberry has it by the can. Also, Trailer Park Lounge in Chelsea serves it. And I had Schaefer just last fall at Dinosaur Barbecue on West 125th St near Harlem.

                    Supposedly The I-Bar at 120 1/2 1st Ave serves it as part of a Shot and Schaefer special though I haven't been there yet.

                    Trailer Park
                    271 W 23rd St, New York, NY 10011

                    International Bar
                    120 1st Ave, New York, NY 10009

                    Spring Lounge
                    48 Spring St, New York, NY 10012

                    Dinosaur Bar-B-Que
                    777 W. 125th Street, New York, NY 10027