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Feb 18, 2012 09:44 AM

Suggestions for Sunday Dinner in D.C.

We will be in DC for a long weekend in April and need a restaurant for Sunday evening. We are a mother and two adult daughters so trendy is not important! We will be staying at the Willard Intercontinental.

Some of the ones we are considering are:



Brasserie Beck

The Source



Any opinions on these choices or any other recommendations would be much appreciated!

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  1. I've eaten at Brasserie Beck and it's delicious, the frites were especially a highlight.

    1. I love the moules and frites at Brasserie Beck. It's one of my favorite meals in DC. A full-sized portion (about $24) easily feeds two. They also have excellent Belgian beer. Other items on the menu are good too (I have a friend who was crazy about their steak frites) but I always get the mussels there.

      I've also been to RIS and would recommend it, but BB is a real favorite of mine.

      1. Vidalia right now is surprisingly creative. Or is that redundant?

        1. Vidalia would be my choice. Love that place.

          1. Pretty much every restaurant on your list is amazing (although I personally feel Vidalia ebbs and flows in terms of quality these days).

            On your list my personal choice would be Equinox or The Source. Both are quite high end (so you are going to spend some money) but offer some of the best cooking and wine service in this city.