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May 28, 2001 11:53 PM


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Looking for the best tacos in San Diego. Tacos al postor, tacos al cabeza, etc. Must be authentic as I can cook tacos at home very well thank you. The South Bay would be good since I live in Chula Vista but I will travel anywhere for the good stuff!


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  1. So funny you should ask. I have a very strong recommendation from a trusted friend, but not one I have been able to try out from myself:

    Las Cuatro Milpas
    1857 Logan Ave., San Diego

    Located somewhere under the freeeway overpass to Coronado, this place has apparently been there since 1933, and has the best freakin' mexican food in the world. Try it, and tell us what you think!

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      Thank you for mentioning los quatros milpas. I had forgotten the name. This is REALLy good mexican food. Be careful where you park at night however. Its a pretty tough neighborhood. Yum. I'm visiting San Diego so I'll go there tomorrow for lunch.

    2. It's not really San Diego, but at the border crossing in TJ there's a taco stand serving some of the best tacos I've ever had. It's at the foot of the pedestrian bridge, the second or third merchant stall; tacos are 75 cents and brutally good.

      1. There is a taco shop down town in the Gaslamp District called Alambres. The food is exceptional quality in the same style that you find in Mexico City, opposed to San Diego's typical northern influenced taco stand. The owner also owns a well known taco shop in Mexico City called Charco de las Ranas.

        1. Las Cuatro Milpas.

          The place is unbelievable. Not everything, however, is as unquestioningly the best this life here on Earth has to offer as are the TAMALES served in with the bowl of bean soup. I think it's bean soup, I've moved away from San Diego otherwise I'd eat there a'coupla' times a week. The soup's the reddish one everyone's eating.

          Some things on the menu, like the tacoa are good, but only average in stature and magic compared to these TAMALES. They are quite simply and unequivocally the single best ones this Earth has or has ever had to offer. Period.

          And the tortillas all the people line up for everyday to take home (para llavar) are without parallel. I've been around, too.

          The place is legendary, try the TAMALES in the soup (the reddish one everyone's eating) and you'll see why.


            1. re: stangoldsmith

              Care to expand upon why you think we should avoid Alambres, stangoldsmith? Thank you.