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Feb 18, 2012 09:10 AM

Peruvian in Perth Amboy

Had the pleasure of a meal at Latin Grill, a Peruvian restaurant in Perth Amboy recently. This little gem serves some really delicious, and according to the 2 Peruvians who dined with us, authentic Peruvian food. Was somewhat aware of Peruvian cuisine and knew that this part of South America was the epicenter for many staples of the New World such as corn, potatoes and chile peppers. Dishes here reflect this and as a result, even though it is not mentioned on the menu or anywhere else, this place is a serious haven for Glutem Free fare.

Did I mention it was delicious? Started out with appetizers of ceviche, mussels and marinated beef heart kebabs. There are several types of ceviche on the menu featuring fish, crab, shrimp and shellfish marinated in lime juice, red onion and spices. They were served with potatoes and Peruvian corn (Larger kernels and more flavorful than domestic). The portions are HUGE!

The mussels or Causa A La Chalaca were prepared with chopped onions, lemon and a spicy salsa. Excellent. Could have made a meal out of just them.

Grilled beef heart was a nice detour from the parade of seafood, and was moist, flavorful, tender and loaded with beef flavor. Should not be missed.

For an entree I ordered the Pescado A Lo Macho which was a fried fish fillet served in a spicy, creamy seafood sauce that included bits of shellfish and calamari. Again, the portions are more than generous.

Service started a bit slow but picked up nicely. I had read in other reviews that language could be an issue, though I personally had no problem. It helped to have the Peruvian guys there, though not so much for communication as for recommendations and explanations of the various dishes. They were seriously proud of what their country, and this little restaurant had to offer.

Once in a while we get the pleasure of taking a hit like this one for the team... :-)

Latin Grill
586 Amboy Ave.


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  1. I love going to different ethnic restaurants. I have seen this place and hesitated, because my experience with Peruvian foods ( 2 or 3 restaurants ) was not my taste.. though I loved the novelty. Years ago in the same neighborhood we went to Mercedes Cafe. I absolutely loved it! Rice and beans, grilled chicken, plantains,and Spanish coffee my favorites! A real hole in the wall, but gentle kind considerate service would be the only way to describe the warm welcome we received the first time and every time. We went many times, then I forgot about it! I hope it is still there. I am not an adventurous eater, but just love different cultures. My husband enjoys all foods, and did like the Peruvian foods. Latin Grill will have to be on our short list. Thanks for the great post.

    1. Sounds YUMMY Mark love Peruvian cuisine!!

      1. Sometimes the most unassuming restaurants are the best. I'm lucky enough to work in Perth Amboy so I often venture to the South of the borders eateries, However, I recommend those restaurants for dinner rather than lunch. Like you said they give you too much food and most Americans are light lunch eater.

        1. Some pics of dinner I had there this past weekend...

          Cevishe Mixto == Fish, Crab, Mussels, Calimari & Shrimp in Lime juice

          Choros A La Chalaca == Mussels w/ chopped Onion & Lemon in Spiced Salsa

          Palta Rellena == Avocado stuffed w/ Chicken Salad