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Feb 18, 2012 08:25 AM

Where can I buy reasonably priced, delicious Portugese custard tarts

I've always loved this little crusty egg tarts in the restos, but have never bought them at the bakery. Now I would like to purchase at at least a few dozen for an event, but if they are going to cost $1 or over, it would blow the budget.

Any recommendations on the best value and delicious tarts in town? I live on the South Shore, but will go a reasonable distance into Montreal, the East end, etc.


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  1. Bela Vista on Papineau should do the trick. IMHO they make the best pastéis de nata in town.

    1. I just phoned them. $15.60 per dozen. Anyone know of a less expensive alternative, albeit still delicious? Thanks for the recommendation Snackhappy, I would be looking for a happy medium if possible.

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      1. re: Montreal_eater

        they generally cost $1-1.50 each. Search for natas on the board - there are many threads on this.

      2. I dont think you can find good ones at the price you want but $1.50 is still a bargain compared to French tartlettes, some of the pastry shops in little portugal have passed on from portuguese families but Helene Loureiro recommended one on corner Rachel and Marie-Anne but I couldnt catch the name, it is at 7:57 min. (her resto makes their own)

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          there are often natas on sale at SA on st urbain and villeneuve - 6 for $3.50 but they are understandably not the freshest

        2. Supermarche PA has Natas on sale this week at 6 for 5$ . I would also call Patisserie Notre-Dame Du Rosaire (227 Rue Rachel E :514-843-6668)

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          1. re: manuela

            even though they are cheap, they're not v. good at PA

          2. Ramados has good ones for under 1$ each