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Where can I buy reasonably priced, delicious Portugese custard tarts

I've always loved this little crusty egg tarts in the restos, but have never bought them at the bakery. Now I would like to purchase at at least a few dozen for an event, but if they are going to cost $1 or over, it would blow the budget.

Any recommendations on the best value and delicious tarts in town? I live on the South Shore, but will go a reasonable distance into Montreal, the East end, etc.


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  1. Bela Vista on Papineau should do the trick. IMHO they make the best pastéis de nata in town.


    1. I just phoned them. $15.60 per dozen. Anyone know of a less expensive alternative, albeit still delicious? Thanks for the recommendation Snackhappy, I would be looking for a happy medium if possible.

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        they generally cost $1-1.50 each. Search for natas on the board - there are many threads on this.

      2. I dont think you can find good ones at the price you want but $1.50 is still a bargain compared to French tartlettes, some of the pastry shops in little portugal have passed on from portuguese families but Helene Loureiro recommended one on corner Rachel and Marie-Anne but I couldnt catch the name, it is at 7:57 min. (her resto makes their own)


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          there are often natas on sale at SA on st urbain and villeneuve - 6 for $3.50 but they are understandably not the freshest

        2. Supermarche PA has Natas on sale this week at 6 for 5$ . I would also call Patisserie Notre-Dame Du Rosaire (227 Rue Rachel E :514-843-6668)

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            even though they are cheap, they're not v. good at PA

          2. Ramados has good ones for under 1$ each

            1. My Portuguese friend recommends Anges gourmets on Saint-Laurent. They are great but I don't know the price.

              1. I'm really fond of a little place on des Pins, east of st laurent. Believe they're a dollar a piece. Portuguese bakery before you hit St Denis.

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                  same here but i thought they closed down

                  can you confirm that it is still open?

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                    That place was Bela Vista, but it's been closed for a while. The one on Papineau is still open. See my first post.

                  2. I can't remember how much they cost, but I've always liked the natas at Patisserie Forcier on Jarry, just east of St-Denis. If you're coming from the south shore by car parking shouldn't be too hard - and they might offer a deal if you're buying in quantity.

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                      Yes they are great at Forcier. Forcier also carries chouriço bread rolls and those mind-blowing cream-filled sugared donuts.

                      They're nice also one street corner to the south, I can't remember the name of the place, corner of Villeray and Lajeunesse.

                    2. Bela Vista is the only way to go. The pastry has to be flaky and crispy, and not many stores are able to achieve that cripsiness (and freshness).

                      The custard has a delicate lemon fragance. Once you try the "real" pastéis de nata, you`ll find every other ones as cheap imitations.

                      Source: I'm portuguese

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                        I'll be trying out these suggestions for my own enjoyment. Thanks for the comments, very useful.

                      2. Coco Rico has the real thing too. St Laurent & Napoleon

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                          I just noticed a Portuguese bakery on St Laurent just north of Jean Talon (1 or 2 blocks north, can't remember). Was driving by and missed the name, I assume it's new. Does anyone have feedback on this place?

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                            Is Coco Rico even Portugese though??

                            I remember them serving good custard tarts but are they even comparable to the other Portugese rotisseries that do them?